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Well, can’t your families or friends help?

Yes, and we have gotten some help but not enough to make any real difference. Ironically, the ones who are most able, refuse and then don’t let you forget that you even asked. I believe others have done what they could, but usually just enough to get from one day to the next.

Why don’t you just get a loan?

Because after all this, our credit isn’t exactly pristine.

Do you own your home outright or do you have a mortgage?

We have a mortgage payment of $431.87 a month. However because we are in arrears we have been making payments of $125.00 a week to help us catch up.

Why don’t you just sell your home?

Because we could never get anywhere close to what is still owed and if we walked away, then we would be homeless.

Do you or your spouse have any kind of addiction problems that may have contributed to your misfortune?

No! Neither one of us, drink or do drugs.

8 responses to “FAQ 2

  1. I’ve noticed there can be many misconceptions about homelessness, and unemployment. Including the ‘it will never happen to me’ attitude.

    There are thousands and thousands of homeless people in America. I found the movie Soloist quite revealing.

    Also very interesting going out and actually trying out sleeping out of doors, such as in a haybarn, or in a forest. It can help to take some fear away.

    In cities I have seen people reaching in to rubbish bins near cafes and fastfood places, especially immediately after someone has thrown something away untouched, or barely eaten.

    Sometimes when they just sit there, passersby will give them a whole piece of food, or a whole drink. We shared a meal once with a man who came into a fastfood place, and went directly to the rubbish bin to retrieve a drink that still had some dregs left at the bottom.

    Unfortunately the employment market is not always friendly to people over certain ages, which suggests we have an expiry date on our usefulness. I would really love to help people find employment. My current thought is on how to combine online work, with art, and therapy for people. (Things like PTSD and depression can affect our ability to work.) If it works well locally, then my colouring book art could perhaps be used as a resource for others globally, to use in their local areas. If this creates an employment opportunity for many I would be well pleased.

    I was most distressed to see a man who looked terrified, in broad daylight, searching through rubbish bins in the city. And I want to much to find a way to be of some help. We have built a small shed at our place, and it crosses my mind a lot to put it somewhere accessible out the front where homeless people could sleep. It is made of wood and corrugated iron roofing thrown out by people who renovate their homes.

    This is because I feel the difficulty of coming into someone’s home when homeless and unemployed. And yet it fills the need for shelter from wind and rain. Kind of like a small bus shelter, except better equipped and not so open to the wind, and to plain sight of all passersby.

    I am rabbiting on.

    My concern for homeless people came to the fore mostly after noticing a homeless man went missing, leaving all his meagre possessions behind. The police do not keep track of homeless people, and if they have no family to keep in touch with, then they are very very vulnerable.

    Hope that all goes well with your fundraising. I think you are very brave to do this, and hope that some good comes out of the whole experience, in one way or another. I am interested in comparing notes on keeping costs down. The relatively low mortgage price is a good start! We handwash our clothes and it is more of a struggle in the winter. It has been almost a year without a machine now. It seems to be harder living at a lower income / standard of living, when those around us are of a higher income / standard of living. When everyone is in the same boat, it is a bit better for the morale.

    All the best,

    • Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment. I am formulating a response to this. It will probably land in your email box over the weekend. Yes, we do out live our usefulness it seems. LONG before the age of retirement. In our case we just wanted to slow down a bit. We had become OVERWHELMED with our hours and work load. WE had all these wonderful management perks with no time to even breathe We bought a cheap little home and figured how hard would it be to find work. The thrift store actually thrived at first then crashed after the elections. It was devastating. I don’t know if you read about it yet. I am a web designer too and I can do freelance. I spent the last week trying to get my site back updated and my new work posted. I kinda got off track this week with some REAL life drama this week involving my in-laws. 😦 Anyway, there are some VERY REAL misconceptions about people who hit hard times. A few months back I had to drive 16 miles out of the way to get some help from a local agency and gas was really low. I have one sterling ring that I wear in place of my wedding rings that we had to sell. Anyway, I figured I would pawn it. For some gas. Two different pawnbrokers actually laughed me out of their establishment. I felt lower than low. And there was NO compassion to be found anywhere in their faces.. I ended up selling my jumper cables to a mechanic up the street. As for the blog here. And aside from desperation, it keeps me busy, and my mind productive but it also was meant to enlighten folks. Brave? Smiles. Sometimes I don’t feel so brave. I have some depression too that I have struggled with all my life. And at times I feel like superwoman. HA! Seriously, I have a pretty hardy spirit, mostly and consider this a TOOL. Short of a street corner, I don’t know what else to do. My husband was VERY involved with homeless issues in Nashville….IT’s a horrible problem and a p lace I don’t want to go, HA! I wasn’t going to answer in detail here. Glad I did tho. Yes I would be happy to brainstorm with you about this stuff. I will write to you over the weekend. Thank you again for your most thoughtful comment. Sherry

      • Looking forward to your email when you’re ready! Thanks for sharing a bit here already πŸ™‚
        I am interested in what you are saying about enlightening folks, too!
        Best wishes for the weekend,

  2. Hi. I know that I wrote to you before but want to just empathize with you. I have also been unemployed for over a year and a half. Many attempts but no offers. I never thought that it would happen to me. I had to fight for unemployment but that ended after the first year. I hold onto God each day to take care of me. I have called out to Him as my Provider, my Redeemer, my everything. He has lead me down the path to write a book and start a ministry so that is how I got where I am now. Still no income, living on the remains of my savings and waiting on God for a miraculous intervention in my life. I will pray for you, that God will open the flood gates and pour blessings into your life. Many blessings to you, my friend…

    • Hi Secret Angel…. Well welcome back! πŸ™‚ Comment any time. I love to communicate with others. And I welcome prayers too ! Truthfully, I believe in prayer NOW more than ever in my life. And God IS and has ALWAYS seen me through the day to day, if I was to be really honest. None of this would make absolutely NO sense otherwise. SO bring on the BLESSINGS….. I ain’t proud! πŸ˜€ I remember your story, and you inspire! hugs

      • I have learned more over the last year and a half than I can even explain. Every day is another step in faith. NO FEAR!! Harder said than done, but that means totally trusting in Him. I believe your “promotion” is coming as you totally trust Him… I will continue praying for you and many blessings to pour into your life…

    • Thank you. πŸ™‚ I just went thru the timeline of events and tried very hard to cover all the basis. It happened just like that. It didn’t take long, I tell you. Taking so long to get out though. πŸ™‚

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