When did you purchase your home?

The summer of 2011

When did you leave your job in property management?
October of 2011

Why did you leave job?

There were several reasons, but the main reason was because my husband was having trouble keeping up with the physical demands of his position.

Were you able to collect unemployment? No, because we left “voluntarily.”

Did you contest?


Did you even look for a job?

Yes both of us , and still looking, 18 months later!

How long did you go without any kind of viable income?

One year

Well, how did you survive with no REAL income to speak of ?

The sale of two vehicles, gifts and contributions, help from local agencies, food assistance, a tax return from tax year 2011, fleamarket vending and the occasional odd job.

So what have you been doing the last six months?

In September 2012, we opened a thrift store because we were offered a free month and no upfront move-in fees. That did well initally until sales dropped off right after the elections. By December we were unable to pay for the rental space but otherwise, it provided enough money to get by. In February I took a job as a caregiver. That position was short lived because the woman I was caring for was eventually put in a nursing home.

to be continued on FAQ Page 2 …

4 responses to “FAQ 1

  1. Sorry to be callous, but why in the world would both you and your husband leave your jobs simultaneously without another viable source of income lined up? Of course you didn’t receive unemployment!

    • No problem. Good question. And one I have asked myself a thousand times. However you would have to know the dynamics of our job situation to understand why we left. And there were health problems for my husband which hindered his performance. There were also promises made by the bosses that weren’t kept and instead of lightening the load for him, they continued to put more work on him. It was a co-management position and without him THERE was no job. We had savings too and low upkeep on the house . We had no idea that we would not be able to find work. Probably a bad move but one we felt we had no choice but to make at the time.

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