$ R’vd to Date

This page represents a running total of donations received to date ( Those items in italic are included because they are just as important as monetary donations but because they were gifts, the value is not included in the actual total.

Fundraiser Start Date : April 17, 2013

Funds Raised to Date : September 14, 2013 : $2.805.00

Thank you so very much to those who have donated.


75.00Pay Pal

100.00Pay Pal

20.00Pay Pal

400.00Pay Pal

15.00Pay Pal

75.00Pay Pal

20.00Pay Pal

100.00Pay Pal

13.00Pay Pal

15.00Pay Pal

80.00Pay Pal

7.00Pay Pal

50.00Pay Pal


60.00Pay Pal






50.00 Gofundme





25.00 Winn Dixie Gift Card

50.00 Gofundme

25.00 PayPal

50.00 Gofundme

50.00 Gofundme

Care Pkg via USPS

25.00 Gofundme

210.00 PayPal

10.00 Dollar Store Donor

50.00Paypal, Taking back your Life Ministries

50.00Donation: GoFundMe

15.00 Pay Pal, ( posted as offline donation at GoFundMe )

25.00. Walmart Gift Card

Groceries from Tom ( local )

50.00 Paypal ( posted as offline donation at GoFundMe )

Care Pkg via USPS

40.00 Publix Gift Card

20.00 Paypal ( previous to GoFundMe Fundraiser )

4 responses to “$ R’vd to Date

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  2. I don’t have any money, but I have a bunch of non-perishable goods that I could send. If you need food, I can help with that. Just let me know if you have any allergies, or if there are certain dry goods that you would prefer and I will make up a care package.

    I know you all are going through a rough time, I happened to stumble upon your blog via Opinionated Man, and I shared the link to your blog on my personal Facebook account, where I have many members from my church and my community on there. I hope it helps some. And again, let me know if you have any dry good food preferences.


    • πŸ™‚ Thank you Kaynicholley ! No allergies that we are aware of. My husband can’t do hot or spicy but I can. I don’t like canned spinach but that is about the only thing. πŸ™‚ Staples ARE always appreciated. TP, toiletries and such too! Just to mention. NO PREFERENCES really. So very thoughtful of you. And I LOVE getting care packages. πŸ™‚ Also thank you for reposting on FB. Thank you. and many blessings back at ya ! ~ Cheryl “Sherry “

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