Awww Geez! Now what?


Well, here we are on the 29th day of September and I think it’s time to admit that I feel as though I have painted myself into a corner, particularly where this fundraiser is concerned meaning more than five months ago, I set a goal for this fundraiser of $3000.00.

I didn’t want to seem GREEDY because I am NOT. And it seemed a reasonable amount and would have been I think but I underestimated the time in which it would take to get this far. Also, I never imagined that we would still be unemployed or that we would still be struggling in the day-to-day .
There I said it!

Please realize that was really HARD to say!

A few weeks ago I was so discouraged that I felt like throwing in the towel, dismantling the blog and bidding my farewells to people who have become VERY important to me and crawling under a rock. Then I realized that by doing so, by giving up, I would be serving up a GREAT injustice to ALL concerned. And yes I realize there are many concerned, and I feel really responsible for the messages I send out to my readership.

Aside from the fact that it is just NOT financially feasible to just GIVE up now. Fact IS we still need you.

That being said, we have raised $2805.00 to date! SO YAY!!!!! We are so thankful to those who have supported us and continue to support us! And believe me, we still NEED continued support. At the same time I hope to make a difference to others who may be facing similar circumstances.

SO with optimism and a lot of needs left to reckon with, we continue on this journey to getting our life back. I ask that you try and forget that initial goal. The goal now is to become whole and self-sufficient again. Whatever that takes.

AGAIN … Thanks for patience, understanding, kindnesses and support.

YES donations are still VERY much needed and appreciated .

Please be assured that WE are still doing EVERYTHING and will continue to do everything in our own power to improve our own situation.

– God Bless

P.S. I took down our needs page because even I became OVERWHELMED in reading it.

But the short list for today is 1) mortgage 2) overdue electric bill 3) We are still living with plumbing and trash disposal issues. Again this is the short list.

If you’d like to help DIRECTLY with/to a specific need, please inquire. I will gladly provide details.

Thanks Again! 🙂

How empty is empty?


Or I pose this question.. “How empty does empty have to be?”

WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING !!!! Brutal Honesty Ahead!

BELIEVE ME! It’s Empty! It has been 10 days since our last donation, and that went straight to the mortgage.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME as I truly am at a loss for words, and I’m struggling with my thoughts today!

Hand to mouth IS NOTHING new to me. I’ve never made a huge amount of money, despite decades of hard work ( other than a couple of hard-earned wind-falls back in the 90s ) BUT it was always MORE than enough! And YES, even ENOUGH to share a bit which I did on a regular basis when I was able . There was always a GREAT comfort in knowing that there was a paycheck coming at the end of the week. Right now we still don’t have that luxury. And it’s a scary, way to live.

You see, when you have nothing, it’s NOT ENOUGH which was and continues to be the reason for this fundraiser.

I don’t know what I expected when I began this fundraiser nearly five months ago. I do know that we have received more than we ever could have hoped for, having raised $2,610.00 in the course of five months through the generosity of 19 individuals…!!! 5 of those, donated more than once. The donations of one individual, accounts for more than half of the donations received for our welfare . This individual has been AMAZINGLY generous! In fact the whole of ya’ll have been considering you were all strangers to me five months ago. WE ARE GRATEFUL for all the support. I know we have a lot of you , pulling for us. And I love that. This post is not about that!

Please, now I ask you to think about this. 5 months, $2,610.00. We have lived on that, for the most part with not much else coming into the household .

So please YOUR DONATIONS are still NEEDED and GREATLY appreciated….

Again, hand-to-mouth is nothing new to me. I have a lot of faith, and always try to remain positive. It’s not always easy though.

Furthermore, I am NOT trying to offend anyone or turn anyone off or away from helping me or someone else for that matter!

I’m just trying to be truthful in the way I am feeling today.

Yes I am frustrated. it’s been two years of sputtering for us. NO at times, I don’t understand. Then I think if I don’t understand, how can I expect anyone else to.

Yes, I am feeling discouraged! All we want is our lives back with some semblance of normalcy and it seems so elusive. Is that too much to ask? Really? I don’t think so.

Do I feel worthy of more than subsistence ? HECK YEAH!

Do I feel any shame in what I am doing? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Because I know we are doing the VERY BEST that we can with what we have to work with.


PAY PAL is PREFERRED for a couple of reasons. 1) Funds are transferred in REAL TIME giving us immediate access. 2) My mortgage holders have an pay pal account and I can transfer directly to them from my pay pal account. 3) The donations are easier to keep track of with their statement system.

If you would like to donate via pay-pal, please click here.( you will be directed to our personal website where you will find a button for paypal. ) Click on it to donate any amount )

Sept 1, 2013 – Fundraising Update!


As of this morning , thanks to a donation from Naomi, we have now raised, $2,210.00 of a $3,000.00 goal.

THE BALANCE : $790.00 will just about get us through this month but will also allow us to focus on other things that could potentially get us back on our own two feet. .

While we still feel that the $3, 000.00 goal was realistic, we underestimated the time it would take to reach it I guess but and with each day that passes, new challenges present themselves …new bills come due etc.

Today’s BIGGEST concern is August’s payment which was due on the 16th of August . We had a grace period, but that has run out.

Other needs remain as well and I’m not yet sure how to handle these.

RIGHT now, the focus is on that initial goal we set early on…however, LIFE continues to nickel and dime us with each day that passes.

SO the truth is we need a few MORE miracles yet. And it is SO VERY important for our stability.

We so appreciate every one who is supporting us ( and continue to support us in this effort)

There are days when I want to throw in the towel, other days I want to crawl under a rock and stay there, but it is my belief in myself, in others and in GOD, that keep me going.

Besides we can’t afford to quit! :/

PLEASE DONATE today if you are able!

Thank you for everything you are doing! I especially want to thank you for your patience and understanding. This has not been easy and we are still reeling from the free fall that brought us here in the first place.

God Bless.

What she said… (1st of several posts I plan to write today) Stay tuned!!!!


I would like to begin this day by thanking my friend and fellow blogger Mish . She wrote an article in my behalf yesterday. This is not the first article she’s written for me, probably like the third or fourth. She has been HUGELY supportive since the beginning! And I’ll even go as far to say that I didn’t understand why she was so eager to help us as she did. Not until I happened upon a comment she made on another’s blog concerning her own family member who is also struggling.

Anyway, Mish has this uncanny ability to get in my head, and express what I so often feel but don’t often express openly for various reasons. .

She HITS on several major points that I am often too frustrated to articulate with as much grace when I write some of my more angsty posts.

She has definitely outdone herself here and if you haven’t read the post I ask you to do so today .

All I can say Mish, is that you are more than welcome to climb up on your soapbox and speak in my behalf anytime! And if your soapbox ever wears out, you can borrow mine! 🙂

Thanks MISH ! Truly!




I woke quite early this morning. Somewhere around 3 am. A remix of worry, excitement over a few web projects I am working on and a desire to finish up some tweaking) and middleagedum. Yes I realize that is not really a word. 🙂 Add the fact, that computer time is catch-as-catch -can with my husband and I both home and sharing our one and only computer.

SO I stumbled out of bed and made coffee. The first thing I do is check my emails and I was astounded by the number of visitors to my site already. As soon as the fog lifted I went looking for the ‘culprit . And I was amazed AGAIN.

Thank you for reblogging my post Opinionated Man! 😀

I felt a special mention was in order, because his gesture was a perfect example of how even the simple act of sharing ( reblogging in this case ) can make a HUGE difference for someone as it has for me today. I can’t tell you what it means.

OM hosts Harsh Reality on Word Press. I have been following his blog since the beginning of the year. I like his blog because he is brutally honest in his posts. He speaks his mind on all kinds of topics and IS quite frankly a genius in his strategies as a blogger. Enough said!

He doesn’t need my plug here. Honestly. And I don’t wish to cause him any grief in doing so but his gesture made my page views skyrocket today to a BEST ever number and in doing so, opened up dialogue and so forth with other bloggers . For that alone, I am SOOOO VERY grateful!


Thank you again O. M. And thanks to many followers who followed his reblog ( reblogged themselves ) and liked ( and left thoughtful comments )

I will be visiting each of your blogs as well in the next day or two. Thank you for your patience as it will take a little while to work my way through my inbox. Smiles. AGAIN. WOW!

That being said, for those who would like to visit Opinionated Man at the Harsh Reality blog, by all means, please do so! All I ask is that you begin with this post which represent his thoughts on the reblogging issue!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a GREAT day.

You ALL have been so amazing and I wish blessings on each and every one of you.