Goodbye August !!! Update!


Hello, nearly 6 pm here on August 31. Nothing is resolved. The mortgage other than $30 that I sent her the other day as a show of good faith , remains unpaid. The email flurry has begun and I am VERY much relieved about the fact that August is almost history. Even in the very best of times, the economy is at its worst in Florida. September, not only brings relief weather-wise but the snowbirds start flying back into town.

Anyway, Ron handled the last email, repeated what I already wrote and told her we would be in touch on Monday. The day is not over yet. BUT, hopefully that will end it for the day. Mind you, I am not holding my breath, but I can dream anyway right?

Anyway, YEP donations are still needed and greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all your kindnesses and generosity.

God Bless…