Business Eviction Update! :D


This image represents the last entry on the court docket. There is a link to the actual record on Our Needs Page. RED TABS!

Very pleased this afternoon. We received notice that the judge FINALLY granted a hearing today in our business eviction case for June 4. This eviction started back in the middle of February. But the landlord pulled some really shady stunts. Like agreeing to a repayment agreement but filing the eviction three days later, altering dates on a lease agreement, making threats that cost us consignors and business, etc. I could go on but hopefully you understand why we fought it and fought hard.

This IS our livelihood. And they made it harder then it needed to be for us.


Once we were served with the initial complaint, we answered, and answered again without legal representation but I guess it served us well but we didn’t know this.

Without any real legal expertise, we were winging it BUT had no idea if it would do any good. So we’ve been in a kind of limbo.

Up until today, we thought we might be getting a 24 hr notice to vacate at any moment after the opposing attorney filed a MOTION for final judgement for eviction last Monday.

In a nut shell, it is the best news we’ve have had in months. And it gives us a guaranteed two more weeks to do business, liquidate or make arrangements to vacate, at the very least. And there is a good possibility that we have a fighting chance to keep our business afloat if we are heard in court and win.

This is so exciting and so hard-fought for.

Maybe I should go to law school. Kidding. But I am pretty good at this para legal stuff! 🙂

Thank you God! Thank you, thank you Thank you!

A Bleak Week

I hate writing these posts. But it has been a pretty bad week, as weeks go. We promised a full mortgage payment ( $ 431.87) by the 26th of April, and still haven’t been able to come through on our promise to the people who hold our mortgage. Emails are now flying back and forth. Some aren’t so nice. 😦 All I would promise is to start paying again by the week yesterday. We didn’t hear from them again. Which is just as well because we were still short by $30 of the $125.00 weekly pmt, as of last night.

I got another ( not so nice ) email overnight .

To make matters worse, we received notice that the opposing attorney in our business eviction has finally petitioned the judge for FINAL JUDGEMENT. At this point I don’t know what that means. All I know is that once the judge signs it. We have 24 hours to clear out.

The problem is that we don’t have the means to move or store the merchandise once that happens. So chances are we will lose that too.

So we are just waiting for them to lower the boom.

I am quite overwhelmed right now. And I didn’t sleep well last night so that doesn’t help either.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. So frustrated!

Friday Update ( recap of this last week)

The week, started out rather dismally. Rain was in the forecast, and the weather people did not disappoint. I love rain, but it’s really bad for our second-hand goods business ( or what is left of it) . The only way to drive traffic our way is to put about 200 square feet of merchandise OUT front in the weather, whatever that might be. At the first sign of rain, my husband scrambles to get it packed up and inside again. With everything inside, no one even knows we are there, generally. Besides, with everything back in the store, it’s really not safe to have customers walking about because of the trip and fall hazard, especially with no lights on inside. The skylights help some but it’s still kind of dim especially in an overcast condition.


The thrift store is located in one of those warehouse complexes with storefronts on the front row. You actually have to come into the complex to do business there. I mean it’s not one of those strip malls or easy in and out situation.

During the season, the place is bustling with traffic. But now that the season has ended, there are only three of us there trying to do business. An older gent on the opposite end, is a retired para-legal. He moon lights doing business forms, divorces and taxes — by appointment. There is also a dog groomer right next to us, but she is only coming in a few days a week now that most of her customers ( snow birds) have gone north again…

Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, things got a bit brighter which helped with day-to-day incidentals. Sadly no bills got paid AGAIN and they are beginning to stack up overwhelmingly.

My morning began with an email to the people who hold our mortgage asking for yet another extension. We were paying by the week up until a month ago, and we have not been able to pay them since. The hope was to come up with a month’s payment by today, but so far it hasn’t happened. Thankfully the wife was nice about it. Not to say she doesn’t have her moments, BUT generally I must say they have helped us more than anyone else involved, despite the fact that as of December 31, 2012, we were $2500.00 in arrears with them for 2012.. . I got that figure from a tax statement they sent me. I am also keeping track of payments on a spread sheet. I think that figure might be slightly less considering we had been pretty diligent with those weekly payments for several months. Anyway, the last check I gave them for $125.00 for the week cleared my bank on March 26th.

But at least they gave us few more days to figure this out and I am grateful for the timely reprieve.

So that’s it for now. Perhaps, today will be the day that things turn around for us. As always, we live in faith.

— God Bless