Follow-up to Horrible News ( this mornings post )


TJ is the father of five including my two sons , from three marriages. His daughter ( not mine ) is the youngest from the last marriage.


By the time Sarra was born he seemed to have it together. He has expressed to me that Sarra saved his life with her very existence. And in the end she was all he had left.

ALOT on this poor girl’s shoulders .

In the last six years, they lost his mom, her mom, and her mom’s mother. Her older, maternal half-sister is sitting in the Florida State prison.

Still with me?

Anyway, to put it mildly, TJ and Sarra were very close ( albeit not the healthiest of relationships) She has some developmental disabilities so is not always thinking right. They bring out the worst in each other and it’s a lot for this 22 year old to deal with . She gets a disability check and all that.

Last year, he lost his job and was forced to sell his home ( a condo )

Sarra moved in with her boyfriend’s parents temporarily.

TJ moved into a hotel temporarily.

And somehow blew through $12,000.00 in like 6 weeks time,

Later they both moved in with my ex sister-in-law but only for a few weeks and were asked to leave .

TJ used to his mom bailing him out of everything, LOST IT!

In and out of hospitals, overmedicated, under medicated. Nervous breakdowns.

He has also burned a lot of bridges in his life.

Oh well. He is still a human being and my children’s father.

I have always tried to keep the communication open and friendly because of the kids.

Yesterday this poor man lost his only daughter.

She was struck by a car while riding a bike and trying to cross a busy street.

He has no way to communicate with anyone except at the public library computers and Facebook.

He has been pretty transient, with no permanent place to stay while he waits for a workers comp check which is due any minute.

I know Tommy (my step son) flew to South Florida today to help his dad.

Sarra’s boyfriend, is taking messages.

I had to share this news with my own kids today who never really knew their dad, let alone their half sister.

Do I feel loyalties towards this man STILL?

Yes I DO! Although I am not sure why.

As well as I am in touch with various members of this rather large extended family of ours.

The calls started coming in last night, I have two hours sleep since then.

This is another time I’d like to BE THERE to help HIM with arrangements etc. BUT I Can’t! 😦

I would if I could though.

Some don’t understand this.

He messaged me a little while ago on FB and he was at the public library waiting for Tommy to arrive.

Information is sketchy. BUT my heart breaks for him.

Please pray for him. He needs all the prayers he can get right now.

Thank you all and God Bless.

PS. If you’d like to read the news article, the link is in the blog post below.

Venturing Out….


Today we took a day trip to visit an old friend( 20+ years ) who lives in a neighboring community 24 miles to the northwest of where we are. Many of our friends migrated up this way from South Florida through the years. But she is one of the reasons we chose this area to call home. She is a good friend.

Besides needing a change of scenery, and a chance to catch up with her, as we haven’t gotten up that way in months, I needed her help with a verification letter for our food assistance application.

She is not online, and has been dealing with some biggies of her own, including the loss of her husband and some of her own health issues that have surfaced since his death. She also has her grown son, his gf and a granddaughter living with her now, which presents other issues for her. Jinny is one of the most positive people I know, but has been down a lot lately. She’s had it tough too.

Regardless I knew I wanted to visit with her besides needing her help, but because of what she herself is dealing with and because of the gas expense, we have been putting it off. Only $10 for gas, right? BUT, it’s hard to spend it, when you don’t have it or need to spend it on something else. In our situation I can give myself a headache, with all the strategizing. We always have to ‘plan’ our trips wisely.In this case, were able to justify the expense, but barely.

We couldn’t put it off any longer and very glad we went. We had a nice visit though left to leave for our journey home mid-afternoon because my husband wasn’t feeling well and I actually drove home which is rare. I know I don’t talk of my husband’s health much but there are some issues and when he has these episodes, I worry about him.

He seened to get over -heated, and began sweating profusely We know from recent blood work he has some metabolic disorders, as well as high blood pressure and long untreated ulcers.

We are in the midst of a very slow process of applying for Medicaid for him because we don’t have insurance and he has several ailments that need tending to. Right now he is getting some primary care through our local health department but even so, his medical expenses are mounting up.

Once home I made him drink plenty of water and take a cool shower and then we took a nap.

All is well this evening but I wanted to explain my absence today. Smiles.

Will catch up with you all tomorrow.

SO for now. I wish you all sweet dreams and an awesome week!