Peace !?!?! Love !?!?! Coffee !?!?!?!


The other morning I woke and realized there was very little coffee left in the house as in just enough for a couple of cups 😦 Mind you, purchasing the coffee on the day I was at the store was not the problem. I can buy a small jar of Pampa brand for a buck at DG, but forgot it. Yep! I forgot it! Shame on ME! But on this morning it was too late to do anything about it, because making sure there was enough gas in the car for him to get to work Friday was the issue.


No problem, I keep teabags in the house for just such an occasion. And being the cheerful and charitable morning person that I am, left what was left for my husband who is not the nicest morning person in the world. Add the stresses of our situation and OMG!

Well on that morning, he was a bear, and started nitpicking about everything he could think of, including the fact that there was so little coffee left and about ( whispers ) my ‘incompetency’ as a domestic goddess. All this while he walked away from the kitchen counter with a steaming hot cup of coffee. One large cup is his limit, mind you. I was the one who was going without my coffee.

Needless to say we had some words over his all too frequent morning grumblings.

Still he is one that spouts off and if you leave him be, he’s over it in no time. I can’t shake things like he does.

Honestly we don’t argue much by comparison. Because it takes two to argue and I don’t like arguing about diddly nonsense. Life is much too hard to worry myself sick over the small stuff. My thinking is we have enough on our plates to be hateful to one another.

Well, usually this would start world war three, but I didn’t care at that moment. I was pissed by his insensitivity.

I guess I made my point because he settled down almost immediately and we went about our day. With me, drinking milk white, hot tea which is the way my Nanny Esham taught me to drink it as a child. Still, even milk-white tea, gives me the jitters when consumed in my usual quantities.

Needless to say, I did not sleep well that night. In fact, I didn’t sleep hardly at all.

I woke early, and woke him with another steaming hot cup of coffee to send him off to work at the fleamarket with. More, milk-white hot tea for me. Still, grateful for some time to myself.

Yesterday, I went back to bed and slept the best part of the day away. No doubt I needed it BUT it makes me feel useless and as if I wasted my day.

Truthfully I was downright ill. And didn’t feel much better when I woke up.

Last night I was still feeling defeated and kind of weepy. Maudlin my husband called it.

I know we all handle stress and metabolize differently but caffeine is caffeine, isn’t it? POSSIBLY NOT!

Ron came home from the flea market yesterday in much better spirits having made $17.00. After putting a bit more gas in the car, he had $9 on him when he got home. Between that and a badly needed $20 donation that came through yesterday morning , I was able to get back to DG and purchase not one, but two jars of coffee, cat food and a few other things we needed.

So such is a few days in the life of a caffeine addict.

Your donations are still needed and greatly appreciated!

Going out of Business!

It has been a really bad week for us. Yesterday the worst day yet I think in all these months as my husband came home with the same dollar he started with yesterday morning and if not for the change laying about, we wouldn’t have eaten last night.

BUT we did, so thank you God! We had had tomato soup and tuna & egg sandwiches which used up the last two eggs and the bread. We also used up the rest of the pet food last night.

I took inventory this morning. There’s a package of lipton soup mix, a box of hamburger helper, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and a package of ramen noodles.

For human consumption, that’s essentially it!

For the pets, I found a frozen container of chicken livers in the back of the freezer. I have to check to see if they would still be good after six months. But if they are, that’s breakfast for them.

I can and will do without until later.

I never in a million years, ever thought it would get this bad, but it has.

This is all weighing heavy on my husband’s conscience because every day for more than six months , he has opened the thrift store but the eviction now has pretty much played itself out, and he could get served any minute now with the final notice to vacate, before getting locked out. The power was shut off on Friday. The rain has kept customers away.

I finally put an ad up on Craigslist, essentially declaring our defeat with a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sale this week.

With any luck this will bring in the business that has slowed to almost nothing in the last few weeks.

Perhaps this will afford us to pay a few bills, and get a storage unit for the rest of the merchandise.

But after we close our doors, what then? Will a new door open? Time will tell, I guess.

All I know, is it wasn’t supposed to end this way!