Making a Difference …


In less than two months, $495 ( actual cash value ) has been raised for our benefit. This does not include actual food gifts that a few have blessed us with because it is hard to put value on these items.

In June alone, $345 dollars ( actual cash value) has been contributed to our well being. Approximately $35 has not even been used yet.

Because of these contributions, we’ve been able to pay $240.00 towards our mortgage in June, as well as keep our lights and internet going. Not to mention eat and get by in the day to day which was getting a bit hard to do for awhile.

So you see, the donations ARE INDEED making a difference for us and for that we are so very grateful.

Slow but sure. 🙂 Still, we have a long ways to go yet! And the old debt is still there. But, we’re on our way and we couldn’t have done it with out your support and your continued support what ever that support happens to be.

It is ALL greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again and as always God Bless,

~ Ron & Cheryl

PS : our Needs s of 6/13/13 has been updated! Thanks for taking a peek.

A Bleak Week

I hate writing these posts. But it has been a pretty bad week, as weeks go. We promised a full mortgage payment ( $ 431.87) by the 26th of April, and still haven’t been able to come through on our promise to the people who hold our mortgage. Emails are now flying back and forth. Some aren’t so nice. 😦 All I would promise is to start paying again by the week yesterday. We didn’t hear from them again. Which is just as well because we were still short by $30 of the $125.00 weekly pmt, as of last night.

I got another ( not so nice ) email overnight .

To make matters worse, we received notice that the opposing attorney in our business eviction has finally petitioned the judge for FINAL JUDGEMENT. At this point I don’t know what that means. All I know is that once the judge signs it. We have 24 hours to clear out.

The problem is that we don’t have the means to move or store the merchandise once that happens. So chances are we will lose that too.

So we are just waiting for them to lower the boom.

I am quite overwhelmed right now. And I didn’t sleep well last night so that doesn’t help either.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. So frustrated!