The difference, 10 months can make…

Hello Strangers !

When last  I wrote, things were extremely dire.    My last post coincides with both losing our internet and getting to  a crucial job interview with a leading storage facility management company here in Florida.   So we went  further into debt, in getting to our interview.  After what we thought was an awesome interview, we were told that a couple with more storage experience got the job but also that they would keep us in mind for future openings. 

Still we were grateful that our old Oldsmobile  station wagon with transmission issues  got us to and from  our interview.( approximately 150 miles )  She ran for another week or so.  Now  we were in real trouble without transportation.  A friend who owned a non emergency medical transport company had an idea though.   He would scrap one of his vehicles and we would scrap old Betsy.  With the proceeds, they would buy a mini van that we would have use of IF Ron went to work for his company. 

Done deal.     Ron went to work  as a driver at the end of October.  Our electric got shut off in the same time  frame.  We would be without lights for almost a month. 

Approximately a month into the job , we had saved enough to pay the electric bill.    Ron loved his job.  In fact the only thing he could see wrong  was that the pay was based on commission.  OUCH!    Thankfully, the first several weeks were busy and his pay reflected that.  I can not begin to express how grateful we were to be able to pull our own weight finally after nearly two years in extreme poverty.  Even when business slowed in early spring, we could at least cover our basic expenses.

Meanwhile, we were offered two more properties to manage from the same company we had applied for in October.  Feeling obligated to our friend and Ron’s employer.  We declined both.   They stopped calling.

As much as Ron loved his work  ( primarily working with elderly and terminal patients) the hours were getting to him.  He was putting in an average of 60 hours a week and the pay did not always reflect that.  Oddly, we never knew what his pay would be from one week to the next which was disheartening.  it depended on the runs he was getting, whether there were delays in patient readiness, and dispatch who seemed to give the gravy runs to her favorite drivers consistently.   There were also promises made and not kept   In June he had had  enough.    I was terrified, but understood when he came home early and told me IF something didn’t give he was done.  That was a Monday night in mid June.

That night, I called the lady who had interviewed us for the storage management position several months earlier.  We agreed to meet her on Wednesday the same week.

On Tuesday, Ron spoke to his friend/employer and Ron aired his grievances.   Ironically, it was left up to the dispatcher on whether or not Ron would return to work.   The dispatcher said NO.   That same morning we won  $555.00 on a Fantasy Five ticket.   Ron also had an another paycheck coming.  We took it as a sign that We were supposed to move forward with this new opportunity.

We met with the district manager at the property we preferred to get because it was in close proximity to our home.  Which would allow us to go home often.   The interview went ok.  But it was kind of  obvious to us that she had her mind made up on a couple who was already working for the company.   I was feeling a bit dejected as I walked through the door after the interview BUT then the phone rang.    Suddenly we were planning another day trip.  This time to Jacksonville.

We met the district manager at the Cracker Barrel for lunch, and then followed him to the property he had us in mind for.    It was a HUGE property with almost 600 units and very well kept.  Our quarters ( if we got the job) was a very nice 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment.  We let him know that we were interested but had to make another trip home without knowing whether or not we had the job which was agonizing.   He called us early the next day.  WE HAD The job and would start  on June 30th! 

We would spend the next week paying bills and  preparing for our move which we wanted to make as simple as possible.    We brought only what we absolutely needed and what would fit in the van which turned out to be a few personal items, our clothing, a card table, two dining room chairs, several huge throw pillows and the cats.  We decided because of her temperament to leave Millie ( our beloved pup ) with the same neighbors who gave her to us in the first place.  I think that was the hardest part. 

We’ve been here just over seven weeks now and all is going well.  Since we’ve been here  we passed one important inspection with flying colors  and made a bonus quota in our first month here.    We expect the bonus to kick in at  any time.  And we just got the paperwork to enroll for our benefits  ( insurance and 401k )   Otherwise, we are slowly furnishing our new home away from home.  We’ve gone out to dinner with my older sister once and had a visit from my BFF who lives west of here, twice.     Ron has even gone to church a few times.  All and all, I feel as though we’ve gotten our life back and feel very blessed.

As for our home, we are keeping it and have been able to pay our mortgage consistently since December as well as whittle away at the arrearages.  It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since I posted here.  This has weighed heavy on my heart because I kind of left the blog in limbo though I had little choice because I didn’t have access to internet.  When I did get internet back it was on a not so smart phone that made it almost impossible to post here though I could read the occasional blog that came up on my FB.     It is only now that I am able to post.

So here I am reaching  out to ya’ll, with a long deserved update.  I am sorry I couldn’t do this sooner. 

To those who assisted us, though All But Homeless, on this most incredible journey,  thank you!     We are eternally GRATEFUL for your friendship and contributions.  I honestly  feel we would not be here now if not for many of you.

God Bless you always! 

I Love Fall! <3


Fall is a favorite time of the year these days. Since I can’t afford a suite on the beach. 🙂 Actually it is much more than that for us. Florida’s economy gets a little kinder for those of us who live here year around. I WAS ACTUALLY able to apply for not one but two jobs today locally that would suit me. That’s a VERY GOOD SIGN. Weather wise we are not quite there yet. BUT we survived another long hot summer and we’re still standing! As I said, I LOVE FALL! 🙂

What next? Beyond this Fundraiser…


Good Morning –

Several people have asked ( and I know it must be on a lot of others minds ) so I will address it.

I began this fundraiser, and this blog more than four months ago because we were desperate. The fundraiser was never meant to make us rich, OR relieve all of our worldly debt. And TRUST ME when I say… it hasn’t. It has helped on many levels and we are so very GRATEFUL, not only for the monetary contributions, but for the relationships formed, etc. !

In a perfect world, we would have had one full-time job between us by now. That was the plan.

Sadly, it hasn’t happened.

BUT, believe you me, we haven’t given up.

And no I don’t just sit here all day, raking in those donations. Nothing is further than the truth.

The VERY act of survival for those in our position is a FULL TIME job in itself.

When one is worried about where the next meal is coming from, or how to get to a next interview with no gas in the car, keeping the lights on and so forth, it’s really hard to concentrate on anything else.

A lot of work goes into this maintaining this blog.

But besides, I’ve decided to DUST off my web design skills as a viable means of support.

I have been working on a pro-bono project ( meaning I don’t actually get paid ) in the hopes of freshening up an old design portfolio, as well as revamping an old web design site.

Now I love designing and I am pretty good at it. And for those who might be interested, I work really cheap! 🙂

CHECK IT out if you have time! The projects are still a work in progress. And I actually hesitate putting it our there quite yet but growing excited.

And then, a few days ago a feisty young woman ( and she knows who she is) suggested Amazon Turks to me. This site allows you to do piece work for thousands of industries and get paid for it such as Write a blurb, write a product review, do survey’s, online research etc.) I registered but have not gotten the green light to start working it. It’s not a huge amount of money but even dabbling at it would help with day-today incidentals.

I should get the go ahead soon. But then they hold the first pay out for ten days

I’m working! 🙂 Truly!

So with all that said. I implore upon you NOT to give on us YET!

Donations are still needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Waiting… :/


The interview went well is all I can say and I was told I’d hear from them later today or tomorrow. Waiting is hard. Yes I do believe I have a few control issues, although less than I used to. IF the last two years has taught me anything is that I ( or should I say ‘we”) really have very little control in the overall scheme. HARD HARD lesson for me. One I still struggle with on a daily basis.

Anyway, it is a production job and pay is based on production. But with a guarantee of minimum wage but I can make as much as $15 a hour with 15 appointments a week. I will work 7 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week. Oh and weekly pay. So IF I started Friday, I’d get paid for at least three days next Friday.

I wish I had more definitive news to share with y’all.

With that said, Job or no job, your donations are still very much needed and appreciated.

I guess I am trying to stress that IF I get the job, the needs will shift again to gas money ( or running money and such until I get a paycheck or two under my belt. .

ALSO , please continue to send positive vibes this way.

Gosh, I need this job so much.

Thank you all so VERY VERY much. We are so VERY grateful for all the friendship and support sent our way.

And for a few of you, thank you so VERY MUCH for having so much faith in me! It means more than you could ever imagine.

All But Homeless is a personal fundraiser to help us recover from financial ruin and We still need your help. Donations needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind support and continued support.


~ C


Image Credit :I am proud of my heart, it’s been played, cheated and broken but it still works!

Ready or Not! :)


‘Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are’

Today, I have a job interview at 10 am . I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to prepare myself for this interview. Right now I am a bundle of nerves but I am as ready as I can be. 🙂 Now all there is left to do is show up and dazzle them with my professional prowess. HA!!!!

Hopefully, when I post again later today, I will have good news to share with you.

So grateful for the prayers, well wishes and words of encouragement.

Also please remember that All But Homeless is a personal fundraiser to help us recover from financial ruin and We still need your help. Donations needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind support and continued support.


~ C


!!! Job Prospect !!!!

Help Wanted (credit:

Actually, this was the second one in about a week.

The first, I heard from Lue S. last Thursday evening. Lue is the one who hired me on my last job as a caregiver. After our client was put in a nursing home, she found employment through an agency in a town an hour away. She said she could get me in with them. The problem is distance. She was going to her boss to see if they had any work near me.

I didn’t hear back from her so kept looking.

Last night she advised me that ‘our’ client passed away that very night. 😦

While she was chatting with me, she got a call from the woman’s daughter telling her of E’s passing.

That would explain why our chat ended in mid-sentence.

This morning I had a phone interview with a potential employer. It went really well. Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with them in person. It’s not exactly what I had in mind for work but it works with my background and it’s as close to home as I could ever hope for.

If I get this job, I will be working for a local AC company doing appointment setting.

They are guaranteeing fulltime employment, an hourly wage and benefits after 90 days.

I’ll know more tomorrow.

Today, I am just trying to keep the mojo flowing and preparing for the interview the best I can.

Whatever you BELIEVE, I need all the good luck I can get!

Please and thank you.

I’ll tell ya how it goes tomorrow.

Feeling, lots of pins and needles at the moment.


~ C