June 1st : And yes! Cutting to the Chase!


This is a fundraiser. The REALISTIC NEED ( and therefore the goal) is to raise $3000.00 by Independence day! And I wanted to share with you, what a DIFFERENCE, $3000.00 would make for us.

Reaching the ultimate goal of $3000.00 this month would allow us to :

1) Pay two monthly mortgage payments of $431.87 and put us back into good graces with our mortgage holder.

2) It would also let us pay past due property tax bill.

3 ) Reinstate our car insurance coverage which lapsed due to the inability to pay an installment.

4) It would let us catch up on past due and current utility bills ( water, electric and yes, internet)

4) It would allow us to get our house back in order. ( dump run, home repairs, the purchase of a used washing machine)

5) it would enable us to rent a truck,and get merchandise from our defunct store into the safety of storage to await a new opportunity for business.

THE BALANCE would be used for running money to get to and from job interviews and such, perhaps provide a hair cut or two, and freshen up the wardrobe a bit.

I can’t make the NEEDS any clearer. And be assured that any money raised would go to these items.

The lack of is what has us STUCK presently.

With that said, we have raised, thanks to the generosity of a few, the equivalent to about $270.00 in about a month and a half. Most of this went to food. Don’t get me worong, every little bit helps and is GREATLY appreciated.

The old debt dwindled, but mostly still there, and new bills always coming due.

Now to give you another perspective.

If 10, financially able good samaritans stepped forward with $300 each today, that would be AMAZING! ( Ok maybe that’s a wee bit unrealistic)

But if 30, came forward with say 100 dollars… ???

60 x $50 ???

100 x $30 ???

300 x $10 ???? ( not so unrealistic )

Judging by the WP traffic stats, I know the word is getting out about this fundraiser . If even a third of the folks who visited, contributed a little something, we would see dramatic changes in our life in NO TIME at ALL and I am banking on that scenerio!

PLEASE, remember that we have NO VIABLE income presently!

Thanks as always for kind words, support, and contributions. Whatever they may be.

PLEASE VISIT our DONATION PAGE for several ways you can help!

If there is any one item, you’d like to help pay directly , please email me, and I will gladly provide you pertinent information needed to pay them directly.


Anything at all, you can do is GREATLY appreciated! As ALWAYS!

God Bless

Ron and Cheryl

Guarding the Electric Meter (Updated 11:40 pm Eastern Time)

Update 11:40 pm EST : For now, we still have power. Tomorrow IS another story.



As if I could actually stop them if/when they show up to disconnect service. As of this morning, The order had not been picked up yet, whatever that means, but it’s there and looming. So today, I sit, I wait, I listen for the sound of a heavy truck. The sounds of heavy trucks are everywhere and send me in to panic every time I hear one. It rained today . A double edge sword. It’s really bad for business and hubby is home early armed with a few provisions , but the rain also keeps the wolves away from my electric meter is my best guess. The later it gets in the day, I’m told, the better chance that it remains on for the night . If not today, then tomorrow. This much I am sure of. On edge, and of course, this is where they want me. I am so tired of this.


Update 11:40 pm EST : For now, we still have power. Tomorrow IS another story.

IF if anyone would like to help us pay this BILL, or contribute to this bill.

PLEASE call….

Lance Greene/Founder
Straight Ahead Outreach Inc.

I have given him ALL PERTINENT Progress Energy account info and we will be able to provide you with this information IF I can’t. If my pwer gets shut off I will not have a phone or access to email 😦 .

I am certain I will be able to post early in the morning.

Thanks to AlL for LIKING, FOLLOWING and SHARING our story.

For now, I have to close my eyes. I am stressed and a horrible headache is setting in.

God Bless –

~ C


‘There’s Always Hope’, they say….


No, it’s not my best day BUT for today, hope is what I am clinging to because that is all I have to work with at the moment.

This morning, I woke, and I am ( checks pulse ) breathing. For the moment my power is still on which means I have lights, refrigeration, a phone and internet.

With these things, there is hope. Without these things, I am dead in the water as far is being able to reach out for assistance that we so desperately need.

Hope is one of the reasons I created All But Homeless. Because it offers hope in a desperate situation. Putting ourselves out here like this is not easy and I am certain there are those who question the motives.

Again, all you have is my word here. I will gladly offer disclosure and documentation ( as needed ) I have nothing to hide here, we are real, and our needs are genuine.

Today, the GREATEST need is to keep our lights on.

PLEASE, if there is anything at all you can do, please EMAIL ME, or VISIT our donation page for convenient ways you can help us.

If you can do nothing more, please LIKE FOLLOW and SHARE our story.

Thank to all who are already supporting us. Everything you do has made a difference and is greatly appreciated.

Now, I’ve gotta run. Make that phone call to progress energy that I’ve been dreading.

I’ll keep you all advised the best I can.

If I don’t post for a couple of days, you know what happened.

~ C

I struggle …


Yes, I am overwhelmed with my situation and I am struggling with putting myself out here like this.

It’s not in my nature to cry poor mouth. Truly it isn’t. And I still cringe at the prospect. At the same time, I know I don’t have much choice if I hope to keep our heads above water and a roof over our head. There is no room for pride or embarrassment in our predicament.

Afterall, we are All but Homeless.

I can compare this to having a job that I hate. And what I wouldn’t give to have a job ( even if a hated it) if it would afford us self-sufficiency.

I could also compare this site, and all it stands for, to a form of pan handling. A cowardly form at that I guess.

A blogging buddy at: http://gottafindahome.wordpress.com said it best yesterday.

“Panhandlers aren’t out there because they want to be . They’re out there because otherwise they’d starve.”

I can relate to this and for the first time in my life!

But do you know what the difference between myself and a panhandler is?

While THEY PUT THEMSELVES WAY out there, every single day I get to hide in my home behind locked doors, away from any real danger, out the elements, and away from people that IF it was in their power, they’d simply remand the panhandler to another planet if only to keep from having to look at them. No one can humilate me further by spitting, cursing, or throwing something at me either. But panhandlers face this every day.

I couldn’t do it! And to think I once thought myself better.

SO SAD , truly!

But still if I am going to survive this , I am going to need another layer of skin. The skin I wear presently in wearing thin fast. Does that make any sense?

I realistically knew when I created this blog that this project would be a long, slow, painful process! I just didn’t know how long, slow and painful it would be.

I only wish that someone, who believed in prevention ( and was in a position to help) on more than a passive level would come along and see something in us that was redeemable .

Please don’t get me wrong every little bit helps and I am truly grateful BUT we really need is someone to pull us out of the fire and stop the bleeding once and for all.

What makes us more deserving than anyone else? NOTHING REALLY!

I can only appeal to those who may happen upon this post. To tell them that our need is genuine.

The only promise I can make it that if and as soon as it were possibe, I would pay any blessing given us forward which has always been my practice anyway.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Thank you and as always, God Bless…