An Unexpected Blessing – Groceries! Praise God!



A gentleman who befriended us and comes by the store quite often to visit and read the bible with my husband, showed up today with several bags of groceries ( chock full of fresh fruits, veggies, meat, and staples ) , right out of the blue .

Apparently he was concerned because my husband has lost quite a bit of weight in the last few months after his ulcer started giving him fits and he landed in the hospital for extensive tests . No HUGE issues were found as a result of those tests.

The biggest culprit for his weightloss I believe, is the stress that comes from our predicament.

My husband just told me that our friend had asked him recently, if he was eating. My husband assured him that he was and never thought another thing about it. He probably didn’t tell me about our friend’s concern because I too, am concerned about his weight loss.

But I am TRULY amazed by this BLESSING! And felt I needed to share. God IS GOOD! Thank you Lord.

Thank you too T. aka “The Gentleman” . 🙂

~ C.


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$20.00 Donation via Pay Pal

Last week Melissa donated $20.00 to us, via our paypal account . It’s a very convenient way to help someone. All you need is receiver’s email address if they have a pay pal account.

I used this donation to buy pet food at Dollar General with PayPal’s new ANYWHERE program which allows purchases at select stores which includes Dollar General. It works sort of like a debit card at the register.

It takes about 10 days to get the payment card, but once you get set up you can make purchases ( even before you get the card) with your cell number and a pass code. It’s really easy and there are no hidden fees.

Thank you so much Melissa. The kitties in particular thank you very much. 🙂