Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind support ( monetary and otherwise ) It is because of our plight, and the creation of this blog that I have ‘met’ some of the richest people on this planet. You guys ( and ladies ) are amazing. God Bless you all!

As far as our fundraising goals we are 13 dollars shy of being 2/3rd of the way to our initial goal. 🙂

Donations ( of any amount ) are STILL NEEDED and GREATLY appreciated!


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High Road


No road is long with good company …~ A Turkish Proverb

To be quite honest, it really wasn’t a conscious choice and defies all worldly logic but I am certain HE lights the way! So today I embrace the miracle, and every blessing to come my way.

Thank you GOD! From here on out, I am taking your lead.

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Those Blessings who Breathe. :)


Thanks to a generous donor ( and all other contributors 🙂 , we are 58.17% to Goal today and have the mortgage payment ALMOST covered for the month.

With that said, our fundraiser continues… So please donate if you are able. Your support and continued support is STILL very much needed and GREATLY appreciated.


Our goal is $3000.00. Thanks to ALL of you, we have raised $1,745.00 to date which has eased our financial burdens significantly and because of this, we are able to move forward ( albeit slowly ) in a positive direction.

So thank you ALL SO VERY MUCH. I cringe to think where we would be right now without you all .

But we still have a ways to go in this effort.

Pretty much, we are at a point where the rest of the funds we are hoping to raise will go to making our home more habitable.

Remember, we went one year with out any resources. Home maintenance ( as important as it is ) could not be a priority.

We were too busy trying to survive.

Anyway, enough said.

Thank you AGAIN for being such a HUGE blessing to us!

Words just can’t express what it all means to us.

God Bless You.