So VERY close now, and the count down continues…


5 days left in August, $ 805.00 dollars to Goal! This goal seems so elusive sometimes.

But I know it’s not impossible.

We are at a critical stage in this fundraiser as deadlines are closing in AGAIN. The pressure is building. 😦

The BIGGY is the mortgage payment in the amount of $431.87 which was due on the 16th and remains unpaid.

That being said, your donations are still needed and very much appreciated!


PAY PAL is PREFERRED for a couple of reasons. 1) Funds are transferred in REAL TIME giving us immediate access. 2) My mortgage holders have an pay pal account and I can transfer directly to them from my pay pal account. 3) The donations are easier to keep track of with their statement system.

Thank you all for your support and continued support.

God Bless…

6 days left in August, and still scrambling…


Good Afternoon ALL !

I am sorry, I didn’t post earlier as usual. Life has got me running in ten different directions and I am so behind on everything. Go figure! HA! But I wanted to thank my friend and a return donor, who sent a $75.00 via Pay Pal overnight. She intended it for those day-today incidentals like gas and so forth. I used about half on exactly that. Thank you so very much. The other half is sitting in pay pal.

SO as of today, we have raised $ 2,195.00. Yay! Another $805.00 to GO to reach our Goal!

We’ve got some pretty pressing deadlines approaching fast, one of which is our mortgage payment that absolutely, positively needs to be paid by the end of the week !

We could sorely use another $130.00 today alone!

Donations in ANY amount are still needed and greatly appreciated.

Pledges are welcome too!

Thank you ALL so very much, for your kindnesses and generosity.

You guys ( and girls) have been SO AWESOME!


I am NOT going to pretend that EVERYTHING is fixed. We still have some pretty dire needs! But I am not giving up hope!

With your support, we can see this to the end! And we really need to see this to the end. BUT We wouldn’t have gotten this far without your help!

Hugs and GOD Bless!

And today, I MUST try again!


Today, we are having trouble covering some really basic needs.

Donations ( in any amount ) are STILL VERY MUCH NEEDED TODAY and GREATLY APPRECIATED !


Thank YOU all for your support and continued support.

Concepts …


Don’t say…
‘There’s still time’
‘Maybe next time’
Because there is also
the concept of
‘It’s too late’ –Unknown
( please continue )

YEP! July is winding down. And we’re back to having some IMMEDIATE needs. 😦

One being a portion of July’s mortgage payment remains unpaid. The amount needed is $57.00. We have 2 days to pay it. Yep, another deadline.

From there the needs shift to making our home more habitable so that we can feel human again.

Anybody want to help with that? Please???


We began with a goal $3000.00

We have raised $1765.00 in the course of three months which has helped tremendously!

Thank you ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!

With the help of 15 very kind individuals , We have raised approximately 60% of the needed funds.

And we are so grateful to those who have come forward to supportus in this effort….

BUT we are not quite OUT OF THE WOODS here.

I don’t enjoy sounding so NEEDY but the FACT remains that we are!

Won’t you please HELP us in this effort?

Donations are still NEEDED and GREATLY appreciated.


PAY PAL is PREFERRED for a couple of reasons. 1) Funds are transferred in REAL TIME giving us immediate access. 2) My mortgage holders have an pay pal account and I can transfer directly to them from my pay pal account. 3) The donations are easier to keep track of with their statement system.

Our Glass House ( a peek inside)


We live in a relatively quiet working class neighborhood of mostly manufactured ( mobile homes) on nice size lots. Our home ( mobile home) is modest and unassuming but aesthetically pleasing, at least that is the appearance to passers-by.

We chose it for the picturesque setting , easy terms and low down payment. While the home is older, it was bright cheery, and spacious enough not to feel closed in. It has also been recently redone. Nothing fancy, but nice drywall refinishes ( textured) , clean carpet, new fixtures, blinds throughout. Easy enough to put my own personal touches in and make it a comfortable home.

In my initial appraisal, the only rehab it needed was the kitchen cabinets needed updating and eventually new appliances. Oh and the toilet, much too small and too low for my liking.

Well… within a month or so of moving in, we realized we had a septic problem that was alleviated when we stopped using the washing machine.

No problem, there was a laundromat around the corner.

Or in a pinch – we could do our clothes in the tub which we did ( do). We would spin the clothes out and then put them in the dryer.

And then dryer broke.

Then the laundromat closed down.

By then, our savings was gone and getting to the Laundromat in town became an issue.

As for awhile, paying our garbage bill which escalated even when we stopping using the service after our paid service was up. THe garbage bill is paid quarterly (3 months at a time) and we managed for the first six months of living here.

After that. the bagged garbage stacked up on the porch. A pile remains under a tarp. With the hot weather, it smells pretty bad and attracts buggies.

Our latest garbage service bill is for $219.00. $150 of which is past due. If paid, we can resume service but it will only resume and there is a limit to the amount of garbage we can put out on the curb for collection. We would still need to do a dump run. This costs money too .

Mind you, while we had the thrift store, we had access to a dumpster but we had to be considerate of the other businesses we shared it with so we could not utilize it to solve all our garbage disposal issues but access to the dumpster did help for awhile.

Then a plumbing issue was realized in the kitchen. When we tried to remedy the situation the fittings crumbled, rendering the sink useless. Of course, due to the age of the home, the plumbing is not a standard size and the supplies need to be ordered. Then we would have to rent an industrial size ‘snake’ to clear the pipes. And of course we could not hire a plumber to do it for us.

Now we bathe, wash clothes and do our dishes in the only bathroom. This has been going on for almost a year.

Not the most sanitary environment for anyone. Not to mention what it does to the psyche.

All this added to regular home maintenance issues that need to be dealt with such as the carpet needs a good cleaning, we need to get a pest control service to come in now, the blinds need replacing because of the hot Florida sun have left them brittle and breaking . The septic tank needs to be pumped out too.

So yes, our home has suffered . These problems are inevitable when you are struggling to just get by and there is no extra money for these fixes.

When closing the store, things got worse. Stuff that was ‘temporarily’ stored on the porch got wet. More mess.

I write this post to give you all a clearer understanding of the NEEDS remaining in this fundraiser.

I want you to know, this is NOT about REDECORATING or GETTING new furniture , this is to make our home habitable AGAIN. Up until now. this was something we had to live with. Sadly it was not top priority. BUT these needs have always been near the top of our list.

Now with so much of the other stuff dealt with. We look forward to focusing on these items.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

God Bless You All.


Since April 17, 2013, we have raised $1,245.00

Our Goal is $3,000.00

We still have another $1,755.00 to GO! 🙂 But I know it’s possible!

To see how these funds will be used, please visit our updated NEEDS page.

These are all VITAL items!

ALL DONATIONS ( regardless of amount, or means ) are GREATLY appreciated!

Image Credit:
(Keep In Sight) acrylic on recycled window pane

Disconnect UPDATE! 11:58 am, Thursday


Well for the moment I am still here. spoke to Duke Energy ( Formally Progress Energy) this morning, and all they will tell me at this point is NOTHING, other than my lights will be shut off without payment. PERIOD, end of story..

IF I stop posting today , it’s because my power got shut off. I DID’NT fall off the face of the earth, or didn’t abandon this blog or this fundraising effort . BUT I am that much more invisible and handicapped with no means of communication.

If my power gets shut off it means MY SITUATION just got ten times worse AND that within a few hours, temperatures inside my home will reach 100 degrees or more with no possible airflow . BECAUSE the former owner, out of fear of her safety, apparently had all the windows bolted shut. Well it’s an older mobile home and things have settled a bit. We haven’t removed the bolts out of fear of breaking windows. 😦

it will also mean, no phone or refrigeration.

I am a little nauseous at the moment, just thinking about it.

If, my power gets shut off, It will cost more money to get it restored. And that amount will almost double in a few days!

SO you SEE, I need you NOW more than EVER! You, and a little divine intervention.

PLEASE PARDON my REDUNDANCY HERE. But this is a BAD situation.

If you can HELP please I beg you to call ( or text) Lance Greene at Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545

He has my e-bill, contact information for the power company and an emergency contact # for me.

He said he would be glad to walk anyone thru the by phone payment process.

YOu can also email me for this information, but as of now I don’t know how long I can access my email. NO POWER, PUTER, NO COMMUNICATION! 😦

Paying the power company directly is EASY! And you have the comfort in knowing that the payment ( OR ANY portion of the payment) was made directly to them and that your payment is SECURE.

Alternatively, you can also visit my donations pagefor other ways to help.

Thanks for all you have done, and all you might be able to do!

Sorry, I am scared at the moment and just waiting .

~ C