Friday thoughts from the resident philosopher

‘Do it from the heart or not at all’ ~ Unknown
Yes, even I have trouble with this, in my worldly understanding. And probably shooting myself in the foot in my own fundraising effort by posting, still I feel strongly enough about this that I need to share my thoughts.

Noone wants to be hurt, used, deceived. Right?

Society tells us to get all the facts, before making any rash decisions in this game called LIFE ( financial or otherwise) .

I get this too, having worked for nearly a decade in the very cynical, capitalistic world of property management. It’s one of the reasons I left it. I didn’t like the person I was becoming. Dare, I say, cold, calculating , indifferent when it came to dealing with the needs of others. It hardened me somehow and I didn’t much like it!

But alas, I didn’t act on that knowledge soon enough it would seem and I have suffered the consequences.

Yes, I still believe that there is something DIVINE in all of this, inspite of the hardships we have faced for a solid 18 months.

For the sake of brevity, I leave you with this thought.

IF you find yourself considering the offer of help ( to us, or anyone else ) I urge you to just listen to that spirit, and just do it, and do it as soon as you are able . Waiting is counter productive, especially for the one in need and waiting.

If you have to overthink the deed , analyze, speculate or procrastinate or even doubt despite your ability to make a difference , you probably shouldn’t do it. Because, certainly if it causes you angst, you will find no satisfaction in your generosity .

Psssst. We still need help here. We started the day with $32. The problem IS we need a minimum of $325.00 to survive the day with our lights on and the promise of a roof over our head. I thought I has some of this dealt with but AGAIN, our hopes were dashed this morning. Not your problem, granted!

But again, this is a fundraiser. I have been nothing but brutally honest and upfront with the details of our situation.

If you desire and are able to help , please do! Our needs are genuine!

Thanks for listening and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

God Bless

PS, I will do my best to keep all informed about our power situation.