Basking in the Mundane


This morning, I had jury duty, which meant a manic start to my day. I woke early, washed my hair, did a little long overdo preening and dusted off my only pair of heels. Nope not even I will show up in front of a judge dressed inappropriately ( by inappropriate, I mean, wearing my worn out old flip flops and less than respectable attire 🙂 I had to be there by 8 am.

Mind you, my husband and I share a car, that just happened to be loaded down with merchandise, folding display tables, tied down to the roof. I call it going in style, “Beverly Hillbilly” style. But it doesn’t phase my husband a bit. He calls it taking care of business.

So he decided to drive me in to town, the main reason being we don’t need any accidents and I panic when my views are obstructed while driving AND just in case I was to be stuck there all day, he wouldn’t be stuck without the car because, our time at the thrift store in running short and he is still doing his best to get the ‘best stuff’ moved into a spare room at home for safe keeping which means he is running back and forth a bit.

Once we were out the door and going with the flow of traffic of others going about their Monday, I don’t know, it felt almost normal, which made me feel almost normal. Dare I say, it was nice to be out and about, being productive even if it WAS only to report for jury duty. Being the first in the jury pool, I was among the first to be excused. It took me all of ten minutes to do my civic deed.

I exited the building much happier then when I entered, to find my husband parked right out front.

I still had to go to the far end of town to cash a check. It was too early so we went to McDonalds and had a cup of coffee and waited for the bank to open at nine. Without an account, they would not cash it in the drive thru which opened a bit earlier.

Again, the simple act of going about our day, lingering over a hot cup of coffee, people watching, chatting with others who sat nearby, running mundane little errands, walking into a bank, nicely dressed- even if I wasn’t an account holder —– Simply made me happy. There’s no other way to explain it.

On our way back through town, we stopped at Save-a-lot where I bought a $4 roast, 2) 12 oz rolls of ground turkey, and a package of brocoli normandy. All for less than a $10 bill. Save-a-lot is having a 10 for $10 dollar sale.

Awww, the simple pleasures.

Once home, I kicked off my heels and contained the dog while Ron unloaded the car and then headed back to the store.

I got back online to deal with some correspondence and as you can see, a bit of redecorating. 🙂

Ron just arrived home with another load and even while he toils away, I see a calm in him that I haven’t seen awhile. Even the dog who would normally be bouncing off walls with all the activity, lies quietly on the cool kitchen floor watching intently as her human moves in and out of the house.

Such a stark contrast to even a week ago. 🙂

No, we are not out of the woods by far , but a burden has been lifted and so has the mood around here. Thanks to several of you .

I wanted to share these sentiments and even a slice of our day. No. it doesn’t take much to make me happy, I know! HA! But, today was especially good for a Monday. 🙂

Wait! Scratch that! I just found the blister on my baby toe ! Argggh! 😉



Reprieves are GREAT and I really hate sounding so BLUNTLY needy but WE ARE and what we need are REAL solutions and we need them in a hurry!!!

At 5:00 pm on Friday, when the electric company had not arrived to turn off our electricity, obviously there was RELIEF on my end! But it doesn’t mean they are not coming! It simply means they didn’t get to us in their shortened post-Memorial Day schedule!

With that said, tomorrow is MONDAY and as of this moment, we’ve NOT gotten HELP with this YET!

If you’d like to make a REAL DIFFERENCE for us TODAY, this item can be paid DIRECTLY to Duke Energy ( formally Progress Energy) The minimum payment NOW WELL PAST DUE is $145.61. This amount, and only this amount will keep our power on.

And now, I am going to take another STEP out further into FAITH, and post my customer service information for the world to see because this is an emergency situation and my hope by doing so publicly, is to impress upon you, the gravity of our situation.

I have also updated detailed contact information on our DONATION page! ANOTHER BIG SCARY STEP!



TO SEE, what what supporters have done so far, VISIT our $ RC’VD to DATE PAGE

PLEASE EMAIL us @ if you have questions.


OR we have a GOFUNDME Fundraising campaign , set up!


Thanks to you ALL. Anything AT all you can do, or have done is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

God Bless

Guarding the Electric Meter (Updated 11:40 pm Eastern Time)

Update 11:40 pm EST : For now, we still have power. Tomorrow IS another story.



As if I could actually stop them if/when they show up to disconnect service. As of this morning, The order had not been picked up yet, whatever that means, but it’s there and looming. So today, I sit, I wait, I listen for the sound of a heavy truck. The sounds of heavy trucks are everywhere and send me in to panic every time I hear one. It rained today . A double edge sword. It’s really bad for business and hubby is home early armed with a few provisions , but the rain also keeps the wolves away from my electric meter is my best guess. The later it gets in the day, I’m told, the better chance that it remains on for the night . If not today, then tomorrow. This much I am sure of. On edge, and of course, this is where they want me. I am so tired of this.


Update 11:40 pm EST : For now, we still have power. Tomorrow IS another story.

IF if anyone would like to help us pay this BILL, or contribute to this bill.

PLEASE call….

Lance Greene/Founder
Straight Ahead Outreach Inc.

I have given him ALL PERTINENT Progress Energy account info and we will be able to provide you with this information IF I can’t. If my pwer gets shut off I will not have a phone or access to email 😦 .

I am certain I will be able to post early in the morning.

Thanks to AlL for LIKING, FOLLOWING and SHARING our story.

For now, I have to close my eyes. I am stressed and a horrible headache is setting in.

God Bless –

~ C


Fri-day ( late and dollars short) an update!


It’s been an interesting week. All this adventure. WHEW! Which is exactly what my husband promised me when we married. ❤ .

Still we have managed to earn ( on our own ) about $150 to give to our mortgage holder towards what we had promised which was an entire mortgage payment of $ 431.87. Leaving a deficit of $281.87.

So today began with an email to the mortgage holder , stating that fact, and I have yet to hear back.

I 'm guessing she will probably accept it but I can't be sure.

It would be GREAT, to be able to add to that by days end.

As of now, still no sign of FINAL vacate notice at the store OR no changes in public record concerning this eviction so that pretty much guarantees a few more days in our favor!

If you can help, please visit our donate page in the red tabs section across the top of the blog.

If you can do nothing else, thanks for LIKING, FOLLOWING, and SHARING as ALWAYS.

I’ll keep you updated as I know more!

Thanks AGAIN ~ C