‘There’s Always Hope’, they say….


No, it’s not my best day BUT for today, hope is what I am clinging to because that is all I have to work with at the moment.

This morning, I woke, and I am ( checks pulse ) breathing. For the moment my power is still on which means I have lights, refrigeration, a phone and internet.

With these things, there is hope. Without these things, I am dead in the water as far is being able to reach out for assistance that we so desperately need.

Hope is one of the reasons I created All But Homeless. Because it offers hope in a desperate situation. Putting ourselves out here like this is not easy and I am certain there are those who question the motives.

Again, all you have is my word here. I will gladly offer disclosure and documentation ( as needed ) I have nothing to hide here, we are real, and our needs are genuine.

Today, the GREATEST need is to keep our lights on.

PLEASE, if there is anything at all you can do, please EMAIL ME, or VISIT our donation page for convenient ways you can help us.

If you can do nothing more, please LIKE FOLLOW and SHARE our story.

Thank to all who are already supporting us. Everything you do has made a difference and is greatly appreciated.

Now, I’ve gotta run. Make that phone call to progress energy that I’ve been dreading.

I’ll keep you all advised the best I can.

If I don’t post for a couple of days, you know what happened.

~ C

Fri-day ( late and dollars short) an update!


It’s been an interesting week. All this adventure. WHEW! Which is exactly what my husband promised me when we married. ❤ .

Still we have managed to earn ( on our own ) about $150 to give to our mortgage holder towards what we had promised which was an entire mortgage payment of $ 431.87. Leaving a deficit of $281.87.

So today began with an email to the mortgage holder , stating that fact, and I have yet to hear back.

I 'm guessing she will probably accept it but I can't be sure.

It would be GREAT, to be able to add to that by days end.

As of now, still no sign of FINAL vacate notice at the store OR no changes in public record concerning this eviction so that pretty much guarantees a few more days in our favor!

If you can help, please visit our donate page in the red tabs section across the top of the blog.

If you can do nothing else, thanks for LIKING, FOLLOWING, and SHARING as ALWAYS.

I’ll keep you updated as I know more!

Thanks AGAIN ~ C

May I ask anyone who happens upon this blog a favor please?


It’s REALLY important! Would you please LIKE , COMMENT and SHARE this blog on your social media pages? We have a genuine need here and it would help tremendously if we could expand our audience.

Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. That’s why, sharing and brain storming is so important. Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it!

Thank you Lance for giving me the idea. 🙂
And thank you all for helping me with this endeavor.

Any and all you can do, is GREATLY appreciated!


Friday Update ( recap of this last week)

The week, started out rather dismally. Rain was in the forecast, and the weather people did not disappoint. I love rain, but it’s really bad for our second-hand goods business ( or what is left of it) . The only way to drive traffic our way is to put about 200 square feet of merchandise OUT front in the weather, whatever that might be. At the first sign of rain, my husband scrambles to get it packed up and inside again. With everything inside, no one even knows we are there, generally. Besides, with everything back in the store, it’s really not safe to have customers walking about because of the trip and fall hazard, especially with no lights on inside. The skylights help some but it’s still kind of dim especially in an overcast condition.


The thrift store is located in one of those warehouse complexes with storefronts on the front row. You actually have to come into the complex to do business there. I mean it’s not one of those strip malls or easy in and out situation.

During the season, the place is bustling with traffic. But now that the season has ended, there are only three of us there trying to do business. An older gent on the opposite end, is a retired para-legal. He moon lights doing business forms, divorces and taxes — by appointment. There is also a dog groomer right next to us, but she is only coming in a few days a week now that most of her customers ( snow birds) have gone north again…

Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, things got a bit brighter which helped with day-to-day incidentals. Sadly no bills got paid AGAIN and they are beginning to stack up overwhelmingly.

My morning began with an email to the people who hold our mortgage asking for yet another extension. We were paying by the week up until a month ago, and we have not been able to pay them since. The hope was to come up with a month’s payment by today, but so far it hasn’t happened. Thankfully the wife was nice about it. Not to say she doesn’t have her moments, BUT generally I must say they have helped us more than anyone else involved, despite the fact that as of December 31, 2012, we were $2500.00 in arrears with them for 2012.. . I got that figure from a tax statement they sent me. I am also keeping track of payments on a spread sheet. I think that figure might be slightly less considering we had been pretty diligent with those weekly payments for several months. Anyway, the last check I gave them for $125.00 for the week cleared my bank on March 26th.

But at least they gave us few more days to figure this out and I am grateful for the timely reprieve.

So that’s it for now. Perhaps, today will be the day that things turn around for us. As always, we live in faith.

— God Bless

Free Fall and Psychological Fall – Out

Please let me begin by saying I generally have a positive outlook on life, and wake up each morning counting my blessings and always have. Besides I have strong survival instincts and have always been pretty resourceful.

And then, the last eighteen months happened.

Lets see… Where shall I begin?

When we first arrived we had a couple grand to work with. The mortgage had already been paid for the month and the thinking was.. : How tough could it be to find a couple of jobs, even if they were only part-time? It didn’t happen, and another month went by, and still nothing.

Now we’re scared!

With in a few months we were frequenting local food banks and for the first time EVER, applying for federal food assistance.

The little money we were making went to gas, toiletries and every day household incidentals.

There was nothing left for anything else. There were no more trips to the nail salon and regular haircuts became a problem for my husband.

We also began having a septic system problems which left us unable to use the washing machine, otherwise water would back up into the sinks, tub, toilet, etc..

This continues a be a problem. It really needs to be pumped out.

We eventually sold the washing machine and started washing our clothes in a tub. We used the drier until the belt broke from not being able to wring the clothes out properly.

It wasn’t long before caring for our basic needs became a very real issue.

There was absolutely no money for household maintenance.

Finally, a job offer came and I started working for a national hotel chain. But it didn’t matter because within days, my car stopped running due to an electrical problem under the dash. With no transportation there was no job. My net pay for the week was $112.00 of which I probably put half of that in the gas tank. The car was towed to a mechanic and it cost $200.00 to fix it.

It was during this time, we took on a roommate to help with expenses. That turned out to be a nightmare, and she lasted three weeks.

So many little things happened that by themselves would be nothing but with no money, seemed insurmountable.

The worry and stress alone is enough to kill you.

Yet asking for help, is downright demoralizing. And especially from family and friends, it was like trying to pull teeth. Eventually you stop asking for fear of straining these relationships any further. ‘Out of sight, out of mind too’, I guess because noone seems to ask how you are faring. That’s another thing I noticed.

You try to tell yourself that the struggle is just temporary BUT it just seems to go on and on and with very little relief.

Self-esteem plummets and depression sets in.

Do you have any idea what all this does to ones psyche?

I can tell you first hand, it’s devastating!