Feed one person on $7.50 for 5 days . In the US?


LIVE BELOW the LINE is an incredible new awareness and fundraising campaign that’s making a huge difference in the fight against extreme poverty

Feed one person on just $7.50 for a five day period. That’s $1.50 a day, in the US.

Actually it’s food and drink.

Interesting Challenge, right?

Intiially I thought, this would be be a piece of cake, until I read the rules and started doing the math.

Please Note: Everything you use to prepare any meal such as milk, butter, margarine, salt, pepper, seasonings or condiments must be figured in to the equation. NO CHEATING!

So here’s my shopping list for
the challenge ( One Person)

Oatmeal (the old fashioned kind)
Loaf of the cheapest bread I could find
RameN Noodles ( 5 pack )
1 dozen eggs

(With any luck, I might be able
eek out a can of condensed milk
and maybe mixed vegetables. )

The hardest thing for me I think
is I couldn’t afford to buy coffee.

So what would you buy?