Out of Suffering …


Out of suffering has emerged
the strongest souls;
the most massive characters are
seared with scars .. ~ Unknown

Yep I may be a little beat up ( scarred up ) BUT I’m not broken and I’m still standing …

Thank you God!

Image Credit: Reiki Revolution

One Sows and Another Reaps

Thank you Cheryl Foston for this post. It holds deep meaning for me today….Timely and thought-provoking and it is so true! Often, WE FORGET. Every person who crosses our path helps, molds, and influences is one way or another. In times of plenty WE TEND TO FORGET, that we WERE all SUPPORTED in one way or another ALONG the way. Some are helped more than others, unfortunately. Too many take it for granted. But none of us can actually say that we didn’t get any help along the way. Be Blessed!


gratitudeHave you taken the time to acknowledge and thank those that have helped you along the way? No matter where you are in life, you didnโ€™t get there all by yourself.

Everyone gets some type of help from those who have come before them, those who walk beside them, as well as those who follow them. There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman. Now, you may be tempted to say that you are a self-made man or woman, but before you do, go way back and think about all your teachers throughout your educational years. I am sure a couple of them helped you better understand a subject, which led to you graduating. Letโ€™s not forget about your parents who taught and helped mold you to become the person you are today. Even if your parents werenโ€™t the best parents, they still taught you something whichโ€ฆ

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This and that, twixt and tween


Monday, September 16

Hello y’all!

YES I am still here and I thought it was time for a post! I have spent the last few days doing a lot of praying and wracking my brains as to what to do next.

First off ….As of the this morning, just hours before this blogs five – month anniversary we hit the 200 follower mark! Now how is that for timing?

With that said, THANK YOU! ! Special thanks to those who have been quite faithful in offering friendship and encouragement. What a incredible experience this has been so far. IT TRULY has!

The irony is now, I find myself in a quagmire of sorts, mostly because my worldly woes still have me in a choke-hold and because of that, I got all caught up in the race, broke my own rules and in effect, created my own monster…. I believe it was out of my fear of failing BUT it did not allow me to properly appreciate or enjoy all the many blessings ( not all of which were monetary ) that have come our way in this process. Smiles. You all know who you are.

Perhaps at times, I came across as being TOO NEEDY, or GREEDY or EVEN Demanding! I have NO excuse other than desperation I guess !

And still ya’ll were so patient and kind with me!

Aside from that, life happens and offers its own stress , mood swings, and family disputes
( immediate and otherwise) . Just yesterday I deleted 30 FB friends over a squabble between my husband and one of his siblings. While I have managed to keep most of it off of this BLOG, it happens and it does side track me.

For that I apologize. It was NEVER my intent to turn this fundraiser into any kind of side show or cause hard feelings of any kind, so if I have PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

Which brings me to today.

We are mere hours from our 5- month Anniversary and still no doubt struggling and staring down deadlines.

Perhaps a brief sabbatical is in order so I can truly get my head and my heart in the right place. Perhaps God will see that I get one. ๐Ÿ˜› I have come to realize that he and he ALONE has all the power. I know he will take care of us in his own way, and his own time. I am struggling with how this might relate to my own reasonings. I have some VERY high hopes for the transitioning of this blog too which I haven’t quite figured out. One thing for sure is you are going to be seeing a lot of changes around here.

Just know that we are not giving up! I still have a lot of hope, and faith in GOD,in myself and in the people I call friends. Yep, still EXPECTANT of a few more miracles. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you ALL so VERY much and may God Bless You ALWAYS !

PS IF you do not see me blogging for a few days. Please NO WORRIES. I ‘ll be back! I can still be reached by traditional means. Our contact info is all over the blog.

Seed of Light Award


An Award for blogs that inspire creativity, nature, connection,
communication and beauty… Pass it On…”


Very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was nominated for this lovely award by the lovely Jade of Jade’s Jungle. What can I say about Jade? Jade is a self-published author of 12-Days -The Beginning and is now working on the sequel.

Her blog is much about that journey, but she also shares tidbits about her life, as well as technology and more. Though a serious writer, she is amazingly down-to-earth. I love her kind spirit, and great sense of humor.

Thank you so much Jade. I gratefully accept and will gladly pass it on as there are so many brilliant bloggers out there deserving of this award.

My seven (7) nominations represent just a few that I have come across. TRULY! ๐Ÿ™‚

Belbror’s Pix

Hammer Home-Lower Hamilton

Walking with the Alligators


Devan’s Posed and Witten

Dennis Cardiff – Poetry and Prose

Journey of Mixed Emotions

Enjoy your Awards. Congrats!


Sowing this seed is easy. 1) Thank the person who nominated you. 2) Nominate at least 5 blogs( or bloggers) and provide links to their blogs. 3) Notify each on their nomination.

September Fundraiser Stats ( We’re at 87 %) WOW!


I begin this post by thanking an anonymous donor ( not anonymous to us) for coming through for us once AGAIN with a $400.00 donation yesterday which brings our fundraising total to $2,610.00 in the course of 4.5 months.

Other stats. 4.5 months, $2,610.00 Raised to date ( this included gift cards ) , 180 + followers, 19 individual donors, 5 have come through for us more than once. And we are at 87 % of the original $3000.00 Goal!

Ideally, we would love to raise the balance of $390.00, sooner, as opposed to later …. YES it IS POSSIBLE! ๐Ÿ™‚ So once again I must say YOUR DONATIONS are still NEEDED and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

If you would like to donate via pay-pal, please click here.( you will be directed to our personal website where you will find a button for paypal. ) Click on it to donate any amount )

Besides the monetary aspects, so many more have liked, shared, wrote articles in our behalf, left encouraging comments, and as I had hoped, we’ve met MANY wonderful people on this journey of ours AND made some friends.

So bottom line is that we have GOTTEN so much more out of this than we could have ever imagined!

You guys ( and girls ) have been so INCREDIBLY awesome!

Thank you ALL! ๐Ÿ™‚