Cultivation in Progress …


Yesterday, I became totally convinced of God’s grace in my life although I did have more than just an inkling before . And it came in the form of a $7 donation. Yes, that’s right! And I am truly humbled by the gesture! Thank you.

No $7 isn’t the cure-all for my worldly financial woes, but better yet, PROOF that my God is there, working through others to provide for us as our daily struggle to get from one day to the next continues…

That $7, is exactly, almost to the penny, what we needed to get through yesterday. 🙂

I am just amazed to the point of being speechless. That’s why I didn’t update yesterday. I spent ALOT of time basking in this realization that God is there, has always been there, and will always be there for me , regardless of my flaws, shortcoming and missteps in this life.

Today, I woke as I do most days, before dawn. Again penniless. My eyes popped open and I pivoted to sit straight up on the side of my bed before my feet even hit the floor and I found myself praising God for yesterday’s provision instead of crying to Him about another day OF needs not met .

I have been working on this. Practicing the art of praying for a while now.

I found myself thinking about how much easier the prayer thing was getting. How often I find myself throughout the day, saying ‘Thank you Lord.’ for all these little blessings, even those blessings that I don’t initially see as a blessing.

No, this is not some “POOF” DIVINE epiphany or intervention really. It’s all happened quite subtly. I believe that HE has been working on me for a long time. I also believe that I have had to work on myself. And finally, I believe that all that hard work and preparation is finally beginning to pay off and I don’t mean monetarily.

Mind you, He’s not finished with me and I have a long ways to go, but my excitement comes from getting to the point where I can feel the changes going on within myself.

‘Practice makes Perfect’ they say and some habits are VERY hard to break but as the old habits fall by the way side, new habits are forming. One is that I find myself more steadfast in my faith, regardless of what this life throws at me . Another, is that with each layer of pride I shed, the more open and grateful I am in receiving.

Thank YOU God for all of this.

And thank you all who have joined me in this process. Some of you, and you know who are, I truly believe are God-Sent to guide me. 🙂

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone !

An Unexpected Blessing – Groceries! Praise God!



A gentleman who befriended us and comes by the store quite often to visit and read the bible with my husband, showed up today with several bags of groceries ( chock full of fresh fruits, veggies, meat, and staples ) , right out of the blue .

Apparently he was concerned because my husband has lost quite a bit of weight in the last few months after his ulcer started giving him fits and he landed in the hospital for extensive tests . No HUGE issues were found as a result of those tests.

The biggest culprit for his weightloss I believe, is the stress that comes from our predicament.

My husband just told me that our friend had asked him recently, if he was eating. My husband assured him that he was and never thought another thing about it. He probably didn’t tell me about our friend’s concern because I too, am concerned about his weight loss.

But I am TRULY amazed by this BLESSING! And felt I needed to share. God IS GOOD! Thank you Lord.

Thank you too T. aka “The Gentleman” . 🙂

~ C.


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