7/17/2013 it’s official ( 3 months today)


Another milestone. It’s our blogs three month anniversary!

And instead of feeling festive, feeling a little deflated today.

Sorry, some days ARE just better than others. Wish all my posts could be positive. BUT no worries trying to shake it.

Nothing to do with the blog, just a rough couple of days here on the home front.

Yesterday, we learned we still have some scrambling to do to get our food assistance continued. They want our verification letters redone to include actual closure date of business and re-signed.

Which means the trip we made to Jinny’s the other day was all for naught as far as the paperwork was concerned.

Just a little FRUSTRATING.

Later we stopped by the complex where our business WAS to talk to neighbors, when the landlord and a deputy showed up to ‘secure’ the storefront FINALIZING the EVICTION process . This would have been done more than a month ago had their attorneys not messed up their paperwork

That encounter went amicably enough HOWEVER, the finality of it was somewhat startling.

I left in tears and could NOT shake that deflated feeling all day.

Today I am feeling somewhat better.

But We also failed to pay balance of July’s mortgage payment is $256.87 by yesterday which is somewhat worrisome. .

$175.00 has already been paid.

TODAY we will try again.

Life goes on…. and yippppppppppppeeee. it’s our anniversary, right?


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Donations in ANY amount needed and greatly appreciated.

Please do what you can. Even smaller donations $5, $10, $20 $25 add up!


Thank you for your kind support.

God Bless ~

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding… ( in quick succession) I have an announcement!



She steps proudly up onto her soap box, clears her throat, blows into the microphone and with GREAT pleasure announces ….. All But Homeless has 50 FOLLOWERS! Cool beans!


50 as in 5-0, so 50 must be my lucky number. And I am pleased because I haven’t been feeling very LUCKY lately!

So if you don’t mind, I am taking this as a good omen!

I have watching for this VERY SPECIAL milestone on both of my blogs, and both blogs surprisingly have been running neck and neck for days now. Even though my other blog has been in existence longer.

TODAY, with the visit of a very nice lady from Australia, the ALL BUT HOMELESS blog, pulled ahead by one BUT then again, all it takes is one sometimes … right?

Offically the FOLLOW # is 51, but I am one of my own followers, and I don’t count in that figure.

I was going to mention it earlier, but my new Aussie friend was taking the grand tour of my newly decorated pages and I didn’t want to distract her. 🙂


I felt very honored! So just wanted to thank you for showing up today, for following me, and for making this day truly memorable!

Thank you so much Miss Louella.

~ C