!?! Time Crunch and another Poor Folk Catch 22 !?! RESOLVED!



DOWN to the WIRE! This concerns auto insurance and a pending drivers license suspension as of midnight tonight without coverage.

IF the drivers license is suspended, our tags will be pulled, there will be penalty fees added to all this to get straighted out with Florida DMV

Ironically, we have the down payment (80.00 in paypal) and another $45.75 in route to us. Let me rephrase, we have what we need IF the check comes in today, the cows come home and the creek doesn’t rise. Sighs. STILL. if the check comes in today, it will take some major scrambling today to get it done!

Our biggest PROBLEM is IMMEDIATE ACCESS to this funding.

I thought I had it all dealt with over the weekend, by purchasing temporary debit at Dollar General for $4.95 to link to paypal funds. EXCEPT , not only did they want the $4.95, they wanted another $20.00 in CASH loaded to the card. CASH, that we didn’t have. Anotherwords which doesn’t make sense, I could not pay for it with paypal funds, but I can buy anything else in the store with paypal funds!

Therein lies the problem for us.


I just put our last $5 in the gas tank and my husband is on his way to town to a doctors’ appt. From there he will come home and wait for mail. If the check arrives, we will head back out to cash it on a wing and a prayer.

And then stop by the local General Direct office to secure our insurance which will leave us totally broke.

Donations desperately NEEDED.

And if someone is willing to Western Union the funds. that is even better!

PLEASE RESPOND if you are able to help in any way.

Our contact info is on our DONATION page. Funds can be sent to Cheryl.

Anything you can do IS greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Please wish us luck as ( we will need it) and have a wonderful day!

““` God Bless

May I ask anyone who happens upon this blog a favor please?


It’s REALLY important! Would you please LIKE , COMMENT and SHARE this blog on your social media pages? We have a genuine need here and it would help tremendously if we could expand our audience.

Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. That’s why, sharing and brain storming is so important. Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it!

Thank you Lance for giving me the idea. 🙂
And thank you all for helping me with this endeavor.

Any and all you can do, is GREATLY appreciated!