51.5 Percent to Ultimate Goal Thank you for helping us make this happen!


We received another $100.00 donation yesterday via pay pal. God Bless you.

This will be applied to July’s mortgage payment due tomorrow.

Mortgage Payment is $431.87, and now with yesterday’s donation, we have $175.00 of this covered

We still NEED $256.87 for mortgage by tomorrow.


The All But Homeless blog is a personal fundraiser created to help us recover from financial ruin. Our story is told in the pages <<<< left<<<<.

Donations in ANY amount needed and greatly appreciated.

Please do what you can. Even smaller donations $5, $10, $20 $25 add up!


Thank you for your kind support.

If I had one wish for today….

it would be that I could put my burdens aside and just let it be Father’s Day.

In a perfect world I’d be on a day trip right now, canvassing the State of Florida, perhaps having brunch with my dad. Meet up with my sons later.

Maybe do something special for my husband who is the ‘Father’ of our midlife miracle angel.

Nope, instead he sits out in the hot sun, trying to peddle remnants from our thriftsore in the hopes of making enough to put gas in the car, and put food on the table for a few more days as the donations of the last few days will take time to reach us via snail mail. He has had two people show so far, and no one bought anything.

SO YES, with the rain of the last few days, we are down to the wire again…

So today, I have a VERY urgent request. If you’d like to donate, please do so via PAY PAL.

It’s the best chance of us accessing it NOW when we need it.

There are links on our PLEASE DONATE page or you can send money using our email address


Thank you so much!

God Bless

~ C

I Love when folks ask the RIGHT questions! :)

In the last week or so, I’ve had no less than four or five people ask me the same question and I figured since four or five are asking me the same question, there may be twenty who are not asking so I’d like to answer here publicly for the world to see.

So here is the the question:

If I were going to contribute, which is the BEST way?

Here is my answer:

1) The easiest way ( for me personally) is through my personal paypal account. To give you an idea of the fees, they take right at 60 cents out for every $10.00 sent directly from the deposit/donation.

However :

I also realize that many folks might have concerns about sending money directly to us ( not knowing us) and all.

For that reason, we set up the GoFundMe Fundraiser because it establishes identity, and such. I have yet to withdrawl any funds but I know they charge 5 % in real time.

A few days ago, Lance Greene of Taking Back your Life, Inc. ( A Clearwater, Florida based charity) has generously offered to accept donations in our name. Here you have the comfort of knowing that you are dealing with an charitable entity, ( 501 3c ) PLUS your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! WIN WIN!!!


Now that we’re out of the closet ( so to speak) I am not opposed to receiving donations via snail mail. But you’ll have to email us for our name and our mailing address. Not quite ready to put our home address out there.

Our email address is allbuthomeless@gmail.com

You may also consider gift cards as well. I have a list of stores I frequent on the ^ donation page ^

I also have a pre-paid debit card ( similar to Green Dot ) that can be loaded through MoneyPak which is available at various retailers nationwide ( I think there is a $20 minimum and a $4.95 fee for that transaction) But once you purchase, you just have to email me the code on the receipt. With that I can transfer it directly to my card.

If you can’t help in any other way, please LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE our story with your friends and on your social media pages.

~ IT ALL HELPS! Truly! And is VERY MUCH appreciated!

~ Thanks and God Bless

Thanks again Lance for helping with Pay Pal link

I just learned that the paypal link was not working . BUT it is now! 🙂

For those who would like to donate, click on the PayPal link on the Donate page ( top right of this blog) or in the sidebar. You will be redirected to http://allbuthomeless.weebly.com where you will find the PayPal Buy Here button to donate any amount.

Alternately, you can go directly to PayPal and use allbuthomeless@gmail.com to send money.

Forgive the detour but, WordPress for whatever reason will not accept the pay pal code, nor will it let me use a text link to the services . 😦

Thanks Lance for helping me troubleshoot this.

Thanks to all for LIKING, FOLLOWING and SHARING this blog.