Note to Self, more than anyone else!


Whew! What a week of contrasts. But that grudge thing, I REALLY have to work on that… 🙂 I don’t believe in keeping anger pent up, but when all is said and done, I have to learn to let it go which is not always easy. 😦

Dignity …


“If it is meant for you,
you won’t have to beg
for it.

You will never have
to sacrifice your dignity
for your destiny” -Unknown

Every single day, and often several times a day, a new message seems to emerge for me. This one in particular brings me a sense of peace.

See my reference to this very thing on the Intro page which was written a month ago. I was so angry, and bitter then. 🙂 Another clue to me that this blog is making a HUGE difference.