Another one of ‘THOSE’ posts! :) $390.00 NEEDED!


Good Morning –

Hmmmmmmmm. How do I write this post?

There are days when I can almost forget our situation. This IS NOT one of them SO I ask for your understanding and patience with me today as I once again REACH out with some immediate needs in mind.

$390.00 to GO!

No not just a random number I picked out of a hat. It’s the balance of a $3000.00 goal set nearly five months ago. After raising $2,610.00 in as much time , it would seem like a piece of cake to come up with huh?

Well……it would be if we had a viable income which we don’t. Ron has an interview this afternoon. Hopefully we’ll have a real job by the end of the day but it’s early yet.

Anyway, Time stops for no one and as life happens, the needs shift and change and change again.

Our last VERY generous donation ( Labor Day ) went to pay August’s mortgage. it is due again on the 16th ( but we have until the end of the month to pay without penalty.

The following ( below the dotted line ) represents a list of items still not reckoned with ( conditions we are still living with , ( I could actually add a few things to it ) but AGAIN those NEEDS get put on the back burner….

But in trying to stick within the guidelines I myself set for this fundraiser, we are talking about $390.00. $390.00. would purchase a burn barrel which would help us get rid of paper trash. It would afford us a couple dump runs, it would put gas in our car and maybe even pay for a hair cut.. . It would pay a couple of small bills this month . Today, I have just shy of $6 to my name.

FACT IS, we need it as much now as we did 4.5 months ago.

SO once AGAIN, I am asking for donations. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE and as ALWAYS thank you!

We are still SO VERY grateful for ALL the support and friendship we have found here.

Please never forget that! God Bless!


1) Garbage Disposal ( an accumulation of household garbage stacked up that needs disposing of. The cause is from from not being able to pay for our regular trash service for several months , and then an escalation of the bill long after service was stopped )

2) Septic Service ( within a month of moving in, we realized this problem but remedied it by not using our washer. Bottom line, our septic systems needs pumped out )

3) Home Maintenance & Repairs to include a major plumbing fix Right now we can’t use our kitchen sink at all and our only water source is in the bathroom.

4) We also desperately need to purchase a used washing machine.

24 hours LEFT to RAISE $ 431.87 for our mortgage payment.


And the prospects don’t look good at this point.

Our mortgage for August was due on the 16th. If not paid by noon tomorrow ( at the latest ) I will have to make the dreaded call to the people who hold our mortgage and all HELL is going to break loose.

It’s as simple as that.

The emails have already started. Today, the phone will start ringing off the hook. Since we began this fundraiser, we have managed to avoid hard feelings and pay each month until this month. PLEASE NOTE : $431.87 is the minimum WE NEED today. For those of you who don’t know, we are already several months behind and they agreed to work with us, as long as we managed to pay at least one payment a month until we can find a way out of this mess.

I am STRESSED already, just thinking about it. Not to mention, disappointed!

YOUR DONATIONS are BADLY needed and GREATLY APPRECIATED . If you’d like to contribute directly to this specific need, that can be arranged too.

PLEASE if you are able, ACT TODAY!

Otherwise, I don’t know where that leaves us but I promise one thing, this will be my last post of this nature! It makes me feel AWFUL! And I’m so sorry that I found it so necessary.

This fundraiser is by the far, the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It was born in desperation and we are grateful for every last dime we received. In the grand scheme, the help we have gotten has been amazing! Truly.

It’s just heartbreaking, that we have come this far and can’t seem to raise the rest before it is too late. 😦

YOUR DONATIONS are BADLY needed and GREATLY APPRECIATED . If you’d like to contribute directly to this specific need, that can be arranged too.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who have supported us ( and have continued to support us) with this fundraising effort.

GOD bless YOU all!

Back to the Basics of Surviving in the Day to Day!

Today, I am feeling down and lost somehow. I don’t like when the HUGE PICTURE ( all the wonderful things that have come out of this fundraiser) get buried just trying to survive in the day-to-day. Today is one of those days. I try to always remain positive . Truly I do! But some days are harder than others and this is one of them.SO here I GO… READY SET… BEG…

Please if you are able, DONATE! $5. $10. $15, $20, ANYTHING REALLY WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY!

We are forever GRATEFUL for the ALL the support and continued SUPPORT!

God Bless.

HELP PLEASE ! Light Bill Remains Unpaid! Still NEED $100 by tomorrow AM .

bottle in the ocean

And we still need to raise $100 in the next 15 hours to avoid disconnection of service!.

IF you can HELP, please EMAIL me ASAP!

This bill can be paid directly to the service provider and I will gladly provide the account details per email request.

Thank you all so much!