Back to the Basics of Surviving in the Day to Day!

Today, I am feeling down and lost somehow. I don’t like when the HUGE PICTURE ( all the wonderful things that have come out of this fundraiser) get buried just trying to survive in the day-to-day. Today is one of those days. I try to always remain positive . Truly I do! But some days are harder than others and this is one of them.SO here I GO… READY SET… BEG…

Please if you are able, DONATE! $5. $10. $15, $20, ANYTHING REALLY WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY!

We are forever GRATEFUL for the ALL the support and continued SUPPORT!

God Bless.

All But Homeless IS 4 Months Old Today!

It’s our 4 month Anniversary!!!! Graph shows donations per month.

Start Date : April 17, 2013
Followers: 154
Repeat Donors: 4
Fundraising Goal $3000.00
As of yesterday, we are 2/3rds of the way to Goal!
We have Raised $2000.00 to Date!( includes gift cards )

Donation Avenues in order of popularity!

1) Pay Pal RULES as a popular method indicated by amounts received through Pay Pal !
2) GoFundme is NEXT!
3) Snail Mail comes in last which surprises me a little, with only 4 items received this way, including a greeting card, a nice letter, a check and 3 gift cards!

We are in AWE of the overall response that we have gotten so far !


Ideally we’d love to reach our goal before the end of August! Please will you help us make that happen. We still have some pretty important needs YET to be met!


Thank you ALL for your generosity and support ( monetary and otherwise) It has meant the world to us !

Wishing you ALL a GREAT weekend!

God Bless You All!

Hat in Hand …


Ok, to be honest I don’t where hats and those are not my hands, but the gesture is as genuine as the needs are so I come to you with ‘my hat in my hand’ because we still could use some help here .

Only by the grace of God, we are not on the streets and hopefully never will be. Only time will tell, because donations have really decreased in the last few weeks and things are getting REALLY scary again.

Donations ( in any amount ) are still VERY MUCH NEEDED in GREATLY appreciated.

All But Homeless was created on April 17, 2013 as part of a fundraiser to help us recover from financial ruin. We have raised $1,885.00 of our $3000.00 goal and we are so grateful for your support and continued support.

We truly can not say it enough! Thank you.

With that said, we still have some items that need to be dealt with.

Not to mention, the day-to-day needs accumulate while we still struggle to get by.

PLEASE IF you are at all able, donate today! $5, $10, $15, $20, anything really, as it all adds up!

If you’d like to pledge future support, that would be awesome too.

If you can do nothing more than to follow and share our story! Kudos!

PLEASE, we are ok this very moment, but tomorrow is another story.

God Bless YOU all!

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Needs Update : 8/1/2013

Updated 8/01/2013


We still need to raise approximately $ 1, 200.00 in this effort. $300.00 of which is NEEDED immediately.

The balance will go towards making our home habitable again after a year or so of ill-repair due to living well below the poverty line and not being able to maintain our home properly.

1) Garbage Disposal Needs ( an accumulation of household garbage stacked up on our porch ( badly needed outdoor living space ) that needs disposing of. The cause is from from not being able to pay for our regular trash service for several months , and then an escalation of the bill long after service was stopped )

We have been able to deal with some of this already but unfortunately, we under-estimated what it would cost to remedy this issue.

2) Septic Service ( within a month of moving in, we realized this problem but remedied it by not using our washer. But the problem is back with a vengeance. Bottom line, our septic systems needs pumped out )

3) Home Maintenance & Repairs to include a major plumbing fix Right now we can’t use our kitchen sink at all and our only water source is in the bathroom.

4) We desperately need to purchase a used washing machine.

Donations are GLADLY accepted through Pay Pal , GOFundMe or Snail mail. Gift cards help too!


PAY PAL is the easiest way for me to access ( and make use of ) funds immediately!

If you have a paypal account, you can send funds using our email address which is

OR if you’d like to donate to any ( or any portion of one item ) directly to specific entity, PLEASE LET ME know.

I will GLADLY provide specifics for individual needs per your request.

For instance, my mortgage holder can be paid directly. She has a paypal account or I can provide a mailing address.

Same goes for the disposal services and a few other items listed here.

Smaller donations, even $5, $10, $20 add up too!

Thank you so MUCH for anything you can do. God Bless You All!

Please Please Please HELP us in this home stretch. 60.83% Raised.


Getting there BUT Needs still EXIST ! Won’t you help us reach our goal?

$5, $10, $20, $25 …… Anything and Everything ADDS up!!!

Back in April, we were having trouble just getting by in the day-to-day meaning we were going without the most basic necessities, like food, and TP. ( plz read… ) Can you even imagine? I couldn’t until it happened to me. And it was out of that desperation that this blog was born. It was by far, the hardest thing I have ever done in life.

Slowly, thanks to the kind support of total strangers, things began to turn around for us.

It was only then that I could actually determine a realistic fundraising goal of $3000.00.

PLEASE NOTE : We were ( ARE ) NEEDY, not GREEDY! And the goal was NEVER meant to put on easy street and won’t BUT it will give us stability to move forward.

In the first month we raised approximately $ 100.00 and believe me, even that made a huge difference because we were able to eat and buy those little daily incidentals that we were going without before. By the end of the second, we raised $500 total ( this included gift cards to three different stores ) and we have since raised another $ 1,200.00 or so for a total of $ 1,825.00.

These funds went to food, non food essentials, two mortgage payments, auto insurance, a partial payment on an old garbage bill, one dump run ( a few more are needed ) and it also put gas our vehicle which allows us to access local resources, get to and from appointments and so forth.

PLEASE, at this point, I ask you to sharpen your pencil…Think about it, there hasn’t been anything extra to spend frivolously.

In the last two weeks, we have seen a SHARP decrease in donations ( but not traffic to the site which bugs me because I know these posts are being seen yet ignored by so many ) But anyway any financial RESERVE we had is NOW GONE!

The last of it went to pay a reduced portion of an old garbage bill, and pay for dump fees for one dump run which made a dent in our garbage disposal problem.

On Monday our last GOFundMe donation check arrived and it was ALL BUT gone before I ever got home from cashing it. I think I had a dollar left.

Monday evening, we received another $60.00 donation which covers the balance of July’s mortgage payment and that pretty much taps us out again.

Today, we are at YET another standstill and the IMMEDIATE needs are piling up AGAIN to the tune of $240.00 as new cycle of bills are coming due.

To be able to transition into the month of August with these things dealt with would mean the world to us…

The bills don’t scare me so much anymore because slowly but surely these needs are met) but there is still the MATTER of home repairs we desperately need to make. One is a severe plumbing issue and a backed up septic system. A garbage disposal issue that has been partially dealt with. All these things pose health and sanitation issues for us. And we’ve been living like this too long already.

I hope I don’t sound ungrateful! God knows that this is not the case. None of the improvements would have been possible without those who have stepped up to help. A FEW really STAND OUT! 🙂 They know who they are! If only a few more people could have as much faith, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

I don’t like writing these posts, especially when there is so little monetary support response of late. It makes me feel like crap actually BUT again we SILL NEED your help.

At one point a few days ago, I felt like I needed to chalk this up to another failure BUT decided we can’t afford another failure AND so I am asking you, ( NO PLEADING ) for HELP here.

PLEASE DONATE ( ASAP ) if you are at all able :

DONATIONS in any amount are GREATLY appreciated.

IF you can’t DONATE TODAY, but would like to PLEDGE HELP at a LATER date, please let me know.

It’s VERY hard to budget when there is nothing to budget with.

Again. Thank you ALL SO VERY MUCH.

For those who have contributed ( some more than once ) We are INDEED GRATEFUL and are forever in your debt.

God Bless You!

Happy Hump Day! 🙂

91 Days- Whew!


This post is dedicated to All But Homeless, stats and stuff…

When I first created this blog on April 17, 2013, we were beyond desperate. In fact we were so desperate, we had NOTHING and we’re having trouble just getting by in the day-to-day. Our cupboards were bare, and toilet paper ( and other unmentionables ) had become a luxury we just couldn’t afford. Not to mention the bills. We were two months into the eviction process of the thrift store ( sales were almost non-existence, and I had lost my caregiving job the month before because of my clients dementia, and her ultimately being put in a nursing home ( her primary caregiver lost her job a month or so later when it was determined she wasn’t coming home EVER again) But it took about three weeks to hit rock bottom again. It had been nearly a month since I was able to pay anything on the mortgage ( and at that point, they were expecting something every week as we were already trying to catch up from the year before ) REMEMBER, we went almost a YEAR with NO JOBS or NO INCOME!Period!

YES, things were REALLY REALLY BAD and we REALLY had no where else to turn for HELP so after agonizing about this, I WENT public with the All But Homeless blog!

In the first month we raised approximately $100.00 to benefit us including our one gift card for Publix with a value of $40.00 which is included in that total.

We also received a couple of actual food gifts in that time which can’t be valued really but just as important because it helped to feed us for a week.

THE survival CRISIS was eased because of that initial help and what little we could make on our own was going pay something on our mortgage.

In May, we we’re struggling to keep the lights on ( and thanks to a $50 dollar donation from Lance and what we were able to do ourselves, that crisis was diverted ) and towards the end of the month, we began to gain momentum. We got our second gift card in May for $25 and our first GoFundme donation on May 31.

Near the end of month two ( June 13, 2013) . We had raised a total of almost $500. I know $500 doesn’t sound like a lot but it gave us some freedom of mobility which allowed us to eat, provide the basics, but mostly it afforded us mobility to seek our resources locally.

In June and July, things have improved considerably. With another $1000.00 coming in including our last gift card for $25.00. All total, we have raised 1545.00 as a direct result of this fundraiser.

Locally, we received a Grant for our electric bill and we’re approved for expediated food assistance. Though for it to continue, we are still dealing with the verification process. We also applied for Medicaid for my husband’s medical problems but that is a rather slow process and we have no determination yet.

Here are a few stats to ponder

Since the creation of this blog on April 17, 2013 ( 91 days to be exact)

We have had approximately 4000 ( visitors or page views ) Not sure of the difference! :/

We have accumulated 128 followers

15 people have come forward with monetary contributions.

Four of those have contributed more than once.

Several others have either shared or wrote supporting articles in our behalf.

Even more, ( included are a few mentioned above) have been quite faithful in in expressing support and TRULY following us, reading and commenting, supportive emails—-friendship …

Thankfully, very few have responded negatively to our fundraising effort.

We have raised $1,545.00 dollars which includes a total of three( 3 ) gift cards with values of $40, $25, and $25.

Meaning WE ARE half-way there. And we still have some pretty vital needs that have not been met yet. SO PLEASE help us REACH our GOAL and alleviate these BURDENS for us.

THE BIGGEST today, IS our July mortgage payment NEEDS to be paid today. $256.87 STILL DUE and DUE today !

We are in AWE of the RESPONSES so far ! We are GRATEFUL for ALL OF IT, every contribution ( monetary and otherwise) , for the friendship, well wishes and support.

SO thank you…….

We’ve come such a long way in 91 days and things have improved dramatically , but we still need your support!

God Bless YOU !

~ C