A Prayer for Today

Image Credit : FineArtAmerica.com

Image Credit : FineArtAmerica.com

Father in Heaven

Today I choose to release everything
that has tried to hold me back. I release
the past; I release bitterness: I release failures
and missed opportunities. Instead I embrace
your grace and power to boldly move forward
into the blessing you have for me…

In Jesus’ Name


Cultivation in Progress …


Yesterday, I became totally convinced of God’s grace in my life although I did have more than just an inkling before . And it came in the form of a $7 donation. Yes, that’s right! And I am truly humbled by the gesture! Thank you.

No $7 isn’t the cure-all for my worldly financial woes, but better yet, PROOF that my God is there, working through others to provide for us as our daily struggle to get from one day to the next continues…

That $7, is exactly, almost to the penny, what we needed to get through yesterday. 🙂

I am just amazed to the point of being speechless. That’s why I didn’t update yesterday. I spent ALOT of time basking in this realization that God is there, has always been there, and will always be there for me , regardless of my flaws, shortcoming and missteps in this life.

Today, I woke as I do most days, before dawn. Again penniless. My eyes popped open and I pivoted to sit straight up on the side of my bed before my feet even hit the floor and I found myself praising God for yesterday’s provision instead of crying to Him about another day OF needs not met .

I have been working on this. Practicing the art of praying for a while now.

I found myself thinking about how much easier the prayer thing was getting. How often I find myself throughout the day, saying ‘Thank you Lord.’ for all these little blessings, even those blessings that I don’t initially see as a blessing.

No, this is not some “POOF” DIVINE epiphany or intervention really. It’s all happened quite subtly. I believe that HE has been working on me for a long time. I also believe that I have had to work on myself. And finally, I believe that all that hard work and preparation is finally beginning to pay off and I don’t mean monetarily.

Mind you, He’s not finished with me and I have a long ways to go, but my excitement comes from getting to the point where I can feel the changes going on within myself.

‘Practice makes Perfect’ they say and some habits are VERY hard to break but as the old habits fall by the way side, new habits are forming. One is that I find myself more steadfast in my faith, regardless of what this life throws at me . Another, is that with each layer of pride I shed, the more open and grateful I am in receiving.

Thank YOU God for all of this.

And thank you all who have joined me in this process. Some of you, and you know who are, I truly believe are God-Sent to guide me. 🙂

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone !

Waiting… :/


The interview went well is all I can say and I was told I’d hear from them later today or tomorrow. Waiting is hard. Yes I do believe I have a few control issues, although less than I used to. IF the last two years has taught me anything is that I ( or should I say ‘we”) really have very little control in the overall scheme. HARD HARD lesson for me. One I still struggle with on a daily basis.

Anyway, it is a production job and pay is based on production. But with a guarantee of minimum wage but I can make as much as $15 a hour with 15 appointments a week. I will work 7 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week. Oh and weekly pay. So IF I started Friday, I’d get paid for at least three days next Friday.

I wish I had more definitive news to share with y’all.

With that said, Job or no job, your donations are still very much needed and appreciated.

I guess I am trying to stress that IF I get the job, the needs will shift again to gas money ( or running money and such until I get a paycheck or two under my belt. .

ALSO , please continue to send positive vibes this way.

Gosh, I need this job so much.

Thank you all so VERY VERY much. We are so VERY grateful for all the friendship and support sent our way.

And for a few of you, thank you so VERY MUCH for having so much faith in me! It means more than you could ever imagine.

All But Homeless is a personal fundraiser to help us recover from financial ruin and We still need your help. Donations needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind support and continued support.


~ C



Image Credit :I am proud of my heart, it’s been played, cheated and broken but it still works!

Ready or Not! :)


‘Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are’

Today, I have a job interview at 10 am . I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to prepare myself for this interview. Right now I am a bundle of nerves but I am as ready as I can be. 🙂 Now all there is left to do is show up and dazzle them with my professional prowess. HA!!!!

Hopefully, when I post again later today, I will have good news to share with you.

So grateful for the prayers, well wishes and words of encouragement.

Also please remember that All But Homeless is a personal fundraiser to help us recover from financial ruin and We still need your help. Donations needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind support and continued support.


~ C



Puppy Love and Prayer…


Meet Millie .. Truly the light of my life. I first met Millie when she was about six weeks old ( New Years Day 2012 ) when one neighbor wanted to give her to us. Because of our financial situation, I declined so my next door neighbor took her instead and basically, I had daily access to her and fell madly in love with this little critter.

Millie is no doubt a handful and when Millie went into her first heat, the neighbor’s husband started threatening to get rid of her. Ultimately, she moved next door to my house instead and since, she has brought us so much joy.

Millie is not only adorable, but she has such a great personality but as said she is a handful and gets into everything and would woof down a tin can if she thought she could manage it.

Several days ago I noted Millie, wasn’t feeling well. Nothing I could put my finger on at first. She just wasn’t her bouncy self. In the last couple of days, I noticed that her appetite was waning too and so I kept a close watch on her.

Yesterday, I surmised that we had a tummy ache ( probably constipated ) so I went to the feed store and bought one of the syringe-type feeders and some mineral oil.

Then went on poop patrol. Oh joy!

It broke my heart to watch her little eyes squint as the mineral oil started moving through her. She was somewhat listless one minute and chasing her tail the next ( no doubt, not at all pleased with this new sensation ) She didn’t like the remnants of the mineral oil that was messing up her ‘do’, either. She is so expressive too, and every once in awhile, I’d catch her giving me ‘that look’ like ‘what the hell, have you done to me mom. ‘ I felt terrible.

Nevertheless, the mineral oil seemed to have done the trick and though she just laid around for much of the day, I did get her to eat a little tiny bit of moist dog food and a little bit of soup broth with bits of ham ( she hates dog food ) she loves people food which is part of the problem I think. But when she turned her nose up a beef liver the other day, I really started worrying about my little girl.

Still, I was REALLY worried about dehydration because I never once saw her go to her water dish yesterday, nor the day before.

I worried about having to take her to the vet BECAUSE I could not afford to take her to the vet.

Last night, she came to bed with us, and wanted right in the middle …

Of course , we indulged her.

It was like sleeping with a sick toddler. I woke every few hours to check on her but she barely moved all night which worried me too.

This morning, I woke and usually she bounces up with me.

Not this morning so I picked her up and carried her out with me. She was lighter than usual, easily by a few pounds.

Usually she squirms impatiently, waiting for me to tinkle so she can go outside for her morning walk. Today she just stood there looking up at me, licking her lips like someone just waking up from surgery with a bad case of cotton mouth.

And no accidents on the floor either. And trust me, that is not MY Millie.

I decided to try the syringe again ( this time with water) to hydrate her.

She would not have it. And squirmed fiercely to get away from me and “IT”

She then paced back in the living room giving that look again.

Now I was really WORRIED and said a prayer for Millie.

Just as soon as I finished and looked up, she was rounding the bend near the end of the couch, looking back at me suspiciously BUT WAS headed for the water bowl where she took a nice healthy drink.

Whew! Thank you Lord!