6 days left in August, and still scrambling…


Good Afternoon ALL !

I am sorry, I didn’t post earlier as usual. Life has got me running in ten different directions and I am so behind on everything. Go figure! HA! But I wanted to thank my friend and a return donor, who sent a $75.00 via Pay Pal overnight. She intended it for those day-today incidentals like gas and so forth. I used about half on exactly that. Thank you so very much. The other half is sitting in pay pal.

SO as of today, we have raised $ 2,195.00. Yay! Another $805.00 to GO to reach our Goal!

We’ve got some pretty pressing deadlines approaching fast, one of which is our mortgage payment that absolutely, positively needs to be paid by the end of the week !

We could sorely use another $130.00 today alone!

Donations in ANY amount are still needed and greatly appreciated.

Pledges are welcome too!

Thank you ALL so very much, for your kindnesses and generosity.

You guys ( and girls) have been SO AWESOME!


I am NOT going to pretend that EVERYTHING is fixed. We still have some pretty dire needs! But I am not giving up hope!

With your support, we can see this to the end! And we really need to see this to the end. BUT We wouldn’t have gotten this far without your help!

Hugs and GOD Bless!

And today, I MUST try again!


Today, we are having trouble covering some really basic needs.

Donations ( in any amount ) are STILL VERY MUCH NEEDED TODAY and GREATLY APPRECIATED !


Thank YOU all for your support and continued support.

Concepts …


Don’t say…
‘There’s still time’
‘Maybe next time’
Because there is also
the concept of
‘It’s too late’ –Unknown
( please continue )

YEP! July is winding down. And we’re back to having some IMMEDIATE needs. 😦

One being a portion of July’s mortgage payment remains unpaid. The amount needed is $57.00. We have 2 days to pay it. Yep, another deadline.

From there the needs shift to making our home more habitable so that we can feel human again.

Anybody want to help with that? Please???


We began with a goal $3000.00

We have raised $1765.00 in the course of three months which has helped tremendously!

Thank you ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!

With the help of 15 very kind individuals , We have raised approximately 60% of the needed funds.

And we are so grateful to those who have come forward to supportus in this effort….

BUT we are not quite OUT OF THE WOODS here.

I don’t enjoy sounding so NEEDY but the FACT remains that we are!

Won’t you please HELP us in this effort?

Donations are still NEEDED and GREATLY appreciated.


PAY PAL is PREFERRED for a couple of reasons. 1) Funds are transferred in REAL TIME giving us immediate access. 2) My mortgage holders have an pay pal account and I can transfer directly to them from my pay pal account. 3) The donations are easier to keep track of with their statement system.

Help!?!?!?!? Still Struggling Here …


Made worse by the fact that I am running out of ways to say it. Yes even I am growing weary with the redundancy of my posts.

Today’s reality is that there are 5 days ( counting today) left in July AND so much left on our plate that we could really use some HELP with.


Our fundraising goal is $3000.00. We have raised $1,765.00 in the course of three months which has MADE a HUGE difference and we are so VERY grateful to those who have supported us. A special HEARTFELT thanks to those few WHO not only stepped up to help us BUT went above and beyond in their generosity. You know who you are! HUGS!

But, we still have a ways to go!

We are recovering , NOT recovered! I can’t stress that enough! We still need donations, please.

SMALLER donations ADD up too so please don’t underestimate your ability to make a difference.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t give up on us!

Thank you ALL for your support and continued support….

All But Homeless is a personal fundraiser to help us recover from financial ruin. Donations needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind support. ~ C