Needs Update : 8/1/2013

Updated 8/01/2013


We still need to raise approximately $ 1, 200.00 in this effort. $300.00 of which is NEEDED immediately.

The balance will go towards making our home habitable again after a year or so of ill-repair due to living well below the poverty line and not being able to maintain our home properly.

1) Garbage Disposal Needs ( an accumulation of household garbage stacked up on our porch ( badly needed outdoor living space ) that needs disposing of. The cause is from from not being able to pay for our regular trash service for several months , and then an escalation of the bill long after service was stopped )

We have been able to deal with some of this already but unfortunately, we under-estimated what it would cost to remedy this issue.

2) Septic Service ( within a month of moving in, we realized this problem but remedied it by not using our washer. But the problem is back with a vengeance. Bottom line, our septic systems needs pumped out )

3) Home Maintenance & Repairs to include a major plumbing fix Right now we can’t use our kitchen sink at all and our only water source is in the bathroom.

4) We desperately need to purchase a used washing machine.

Donations are GLADLY accepted through Pay Pal , GOFundMe or Snail mail. Gift cards help too!


PAY PAL is the easiest way for me to access ( and make use of ) funds immediately!

If you have a paypal account, you can send funds using our email address which is

OR if you’d like to donate to any ( or any portion of one item ) directly to specific entity, PLEASE LET ME know.

I will GLADLY provide specifics for individual needs per your request.

For instance, my mortgage holder can be paid directly. She has a paypal account or I can provide a mailing address.

Same goes for the disposal services and a few other items listed here.

Smaller donations, even $5, $10, $20 add up too!

Thank you so MUCH for anything you can do. God Bless You All!

Life is Sometimes Messy …


I am not sure where to begin. This last week has been really hard ( you might say downright depressing ) with Sarra’s untimely death and all. Didn’t get half as much done as we had hoped to on the home front with our DIY projects , emotionally I am drained as is the pocketbook and it appears even the fundraising has suffered ( just to add a little more frustration ) to the mix.

We did manage one dump run with the help of a friend ( which put a dent in our garbage problem and stirred up a bunch of fruit flies ) with a $50.00 dump fee price tag. And were FINALLY able to negotiate a reduction in our old garbage bill which puts us back in good graces and enables us to resume our services this coming Friday so we paid them $125.00 dollars which was an unexpected but necessary expense. So bottom line, and the at the risk of putting it bluntly, we are tapped out again and only half way through the garbage project.

There is SO much left to do! Sometimes I wonder how many people truly understand how important and how genuine these needs are.

All we want is our life back!

We began this fundraiser ( 3 months ago ) with a $3000.00 goal. We have raised $59 % of that. All went to the intended purpose.

So as of today, Sunday, July 28, 2013, WE STILL have a $57 balance due for July’s mortgage payment and the house still NEEDS a lot of work ( combined represents the $ 1,235.00 we still hope to raise in this fundraising effort ) Nothing has changed BUT the slow progress and date on the calendar.

We can’t give up! We can’t walk away. AND WE STILL NEED your HELP!

Life goes on indeed, inspite of these things we have no control of. All we can do is keep trying.

So please, if you are able HELP us OUT with this. All donations GREAT and SMALL are GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you ALL SO MUCH and have a BLESSED Sunday!

~ C

Resorting to Cuteness! :)


Meet ‘Stanley’… 🙂 He has come onboard to help with our fundraiser. He works really cheap… He works for peanuts.

Seriously though … We are still trying to reach the same goal of $3000.00, we have raised $ 1,765.00 in just over three months which has helped tremendously but I’ll let you do the math. This hasn’t been a GET RICH quick scheme. THE NEEDS are genuine!

The crisis IS over, BUT there are STILL many needs that we need help with.

A portion of July’s mortgage payment remains unpaid. And we really want to work on getting our house in order again. One is a major plumbing issue!

We have a little squirrelled away for these projects, but as time passes, and life happens it gets harder to hold on to.

Won’t you please help us continue the momentum that is going here?

Donations LARGE and SMALL are GREATLY appreciated!

Please don’t give up on us yet.

Thank you so much for supporting us in this effort.
God Bless and Happy Hump D ay!


All But Homeless is a personal fundraiser to help us recover from financial ruin. Donations needed and greatly appreciated. Our story is told in the pages left , Thank you ALL for your kind support.