Well almost! :)


I’ll say one thing, either still AMAZE me! I could live without WIFI tho, and life was pretty good as I recall. However I can’t imagine life without faith! Therein lies the difference!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day. It’s been REALLY hectic around here, I’ll save that for
later post though. 🙂

Working through it one minute at a time, though… 🙂



Thank you ALL for your generosity and support ( monetary and otherwise) It has meant the world to us !

Wishing you ALL a GREAT weekend!

God Bless You All!

The Path


I trust the path
and know that
the moment is perfect.
I walk the path
knowing that help
will find me
exactly when I need it.
I celebrate asking
for help because
I know I was not
born to do it alone ~ Unknown

Image Credit : Your Beautiful Life

Dignity …


“If it is meant for you,
you won’t have to beg
for it.

You will never have
to sacrifice your dignity
for your destiny” -Unknown

Every single day, and often several times a day, a new message seems to emerge for me. This one in particular brings me a sense of peace.

See my reference to this very thing on the Intro page which was written a month ago. I was so angry, and bitter then. 🙂 Another clue to me that this blog is making a HUGE difference.

When God pushes you to the edge of difficulty …


“When God pushes you
to the edge of difficulty,
trust him fully,
because two things can happen,
either He’ll catch you when you fall
or He will teach you how to fly.”

~ Unknown

Personally, I like the idea of flight. 🙂

Image Credit : Preparing the Way

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