Free Fall and Psychological Fall – Out

Please let me begin by saying I generally have a positive outlook on life, and wake up each morning counting my blessings and always have. Besides I have strong survival instincts and have always been pretty resourceful.

And then, the last eighteen months happened.

Lets see… Where shall I begin?

When we first arrived we had a couple grand to work with. The mortgage had already been paid for the month and the thinking was.. : How tough could it be to find a couple of jobs, even if they were only part-time? It didn’t happen, and another month went by, and still nothing.

Now we’re scared!

With in a few months we were frequenting local food banks and for the first time EVER, applying for federal food assistance.

The little money we were making went to gas, toiletries and every day household incidentals.

There was nothing left for anything else. There were no more trips to the nail salon and regular haircuts became a problem for my husband.

We also began having a septic system problems which left us unable to use the washing machine, otherwise water would back up into the sinks, tub, toilet, etc..

This continues a be a problem. It really needs to be pumped out.

We eventually sold the washing machine and started washing our clothes in a tub. We used the drier until the belt broke from not being able to wring the clothes out properly.

It wasn’t long before caring for our basic needs became a very real issue.

There was absolutely no money for household maintenance.

Finally, a job offer came and I started working for a national hotel chain. But it didn’t matter because within days, my car stopped running due to an electrical problem under the dash. With no transportation there was no job. My net pay for the week was $112.00 of which I probably put half of that in the gas tank. The car was towed to a mechanic and it cost $200.00 to fix it.

It was during this time, we took on a roommate to help with expenses. That turned out to be a nightmare, and she lasted three weeks.

So many little things happened that by themselves would be nothing but with no money, seemed insurmountable.

The worry and stress alone is enough to kill you.

Yet asking for help, is downright demoralizing. And especially from family and friends, it was like trying to pull teeth. Eventually you stop asking for fear of straining these relationships any further. ‘Out of sight, out of mind too’, I guess because noone seems to ask how you are faring. That’s another thing I noticed.

You try to tell yourself that the struggle is just temporary BUT it just seems to go on and on and with very little relief.

Self-esteem plummets and depression sets in.

Do you have any idea what all this does to ones psyche?

I can tell you first hand, it’s devastating!

First Post and a Welcome Message

Never underestimate your ability to make

Never underestimate your ability to make someone else’s life better, even if you never know it – Greg Louganis

Hello and welcome to All But Homeless. This blog was created only yesterday ( April 17, 2013) as part of a personal fund-raisng effort to help us recover from financial devastation.

You might call it, an experiment in crowd-funding.

I chose the name of the blog ( as well as the tagline) because I needed it to be simple, yet descriptive. Anotherwords, I didn’t want any confusion as to what this blog is about as it is not my intent to mislead anyone in any way. I chose the theme because it was cheery. Don’t you think?

With that said, I realize that this being my first post and all, I am not giving you much information to work with. But that is going to change in the coming weeks, as this blog evolves into something that will give visitors a clear picture of what our situation truly is.

In the meanwhile, our situation is further explained in our pages section.

Yes, fellow bloggers, we are in dire need of help here.

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you come back again, and continue to come, often. 🙂