What next? Beyond this Fundraiser…


Good Morning –

Several people have asked ( and I know it must be on a lot of others minds ) so I will address it.

I began this fundraiser, and this blog more than four months ago because we were desperate. The fundraiser was never meant to make us rich, OR relieve all of our worldly debt. And TRUST ME when I say… it hasn’t. It has helped on many levels and we are so very GRATEFUL, not only for the monetary contributions, but for the relationships formed, etc. !

In a perfect world, we would have had one full-time job between us by now. That was the plan.

Sadly, it hasn’t happened.

BUT, believe you me, we haven’t given up.

And no I don’t just sit here all day, raking in those donations. Nothing is further than the truth.

The VERY act of survival for those in our position is a FULL TIME job in itself.

When one is worried about where the next meal is coming from, or how to get to a next interview with no gas in the car, keeping the lights on and so forth, it’s really hard to concentrate on anything else.

A lot of work goes into this maintaining this blog.

But besides, I’ve decided to DUST off my web design skills as a viable means of support.

I have been working on a pro-bono project ( meaning I don’t actually get paid ) in the hopes of freshening up an old design portfolio, as well as revamping an old web design site.

Now I love designing and I am pretty good at it. And for those who might be interested, I work really cheap! 🙂

CHECK IT out if you have time! The projects are still a work in progress. And I actually hesitate putting it our there quite yet but growing excited.


And then, a few days ago a feisty young woman ( and she knows who she is) suggested Amazon Turks to me. This site allows you to do piece work for thousands of industries and get paid for it such as Write a blurb, write a product review, do survey’s, online research etc.) I registered but have not gotten the green light to start working it. It’s not a huge amount of money but even dabbling at it would help with day-today incidentals.

I should get the go ahead soon. But then they hold the first pay out for ten days

I’m working! 🙂 Truly!

So with all that said. I implore upon you NOT to give on us YET!

Donations are still needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Thursday : This and That!


Good Morning _

Just wanted to check in. Lots going on both good and ( not so good ) The bad news is I was just advised that my sister-in-law lost her husband yesterday quite unexpectedly. He died in his sleep I guess. And he is only in his late 40s or early 50s. I didn’t know Billy well at all but my heart goes out to his wife Johnnie Sue this morning. I feel so bad for her, because they were very much in love.

His death also serves as a reminder to me to make every day count because you TRULY never know just how much time you have left on this earth.

Otherwise, I have a busy day planned. Lots going on, some of which has me feeling pretty hopeful.

For one, today I find out if I have that job I applied for last week. ( UPDATE ) I didn’t get the job but ironically they told me to keep them in mind and to keep checking back with them … 😦 )

Another thing I am working on is a ‘pay it forward’ web design project for a woman who does feral cat rescue work. She is a Facebook friend who I met a year or so ago. The other day, she did some networking for my cousin who is trying to find homes for kittens. She already has a Facebook community page with some 1600 followers. I was one her first followers. Anyway I saw an opportunity and help her expand the effort. It’s not all selfless though because I love animals, and have done a lot of rescue work in my time too but also I’ve been thinking about diving back into the competitive world of web design as a way to support us so the design work I do for her can be added to my poor, meager portfolio. 🙂 I adore web design but haven’t done too much of it lately.

I will share the link when she is ready to launch the site. Right now, there’s still a lot of tweaking to do.

Counting on ya’ll to pay her a visit and give her a warm welcome to the blogesphere though, k?

Last but not least, there is another thing that has my mind boggled . I don’t want to mention it YET because I am not sure if it for real. But if it is REAL, it could be life-changing and truly a miracle. Enough said on that other than I will be making some phone calls and doing some research on the matter. Sighs. I am not holding my breath but I can’t help but be a wee bit excited! 🙂

OH and YES — our fundraiser — there are 17 days left in August. We have raised $1987.00 to date. We still have $ 1,013.00 to go so DONATIONS ( large and small ) are STILL needed and VERY much appreciated. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE!!! WE still NEED YOU!


Thanks all for your support and continued support .

Have a wonderful day!

Be Blessed!