WOW, we’re almost halfway to GOAL! :)


Special thanks to an anonymous donor who donated $200.00 via pal, yesterday…. This donor specifically requested that we use this donation to help with our much need HOME maintenance.

We WILL honor that!

This donation is being HELD in RESERVE until we figure out how to apply it. Thank you SO VERY VERY much. 🙂

But with this donation we are almost ( not quite ) half way to our goal of $3000.00.

According to GOfundme, where we document ALL donations, we are 48.17% along. Yippee!

Also, we were able to secure a $75.00 pledge ( through a local agency ) towards our mortgage payment for July leaving a balance of $356.87 that ideally NEEDS to be PAID on or BEFORE July 16, 2013.


That being said, we’ve updated our NEEDS page. Please check it out and if there is ANY one item, that you would like to contribute to specifically, or pay directly PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t hesitate to say so.

Our needs are REAL and we are an OPEN BOOK!

Thank you so VERY much for helping us get this FAR.

OUR life situation has improved dramatically, and continues to improve EVERY day! 🙂

FACT! We couldn’t have done it without YOUR HELP!

God Bless!


The All But Homeless blog is a personal fundraiser created to help us recover from financial ruin. Our story is told in the pages <<<< left<<<<.

Donations needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your kind support.

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