So close, so far… please please please…


Mortgage payment needed by Tuesday ( July 16, 2013)

$431.87 is the amount of our monthly mortgage payment
$75.00 of this has been paid
$356.87 Balance

Please note . We had an initial fundraising goal of $3000.00. We have raised nearly 1/2 of that in a three month period – YAY!

Still Needs Remain! These needs are spelled out on our UPDATED NEEDS PAGE .

So please, please please, contribute if you are able. We are half way there. PLEASE Don’t give up on us yet. We may not be fighting to survive at this point but teetering and it’s a scary place.

Your donations ( in any amount) are STILL NEEDED and GREATLY appreciated.
UPDATE on Designated Donation/Trash Removal

Last week we received $200 from a single donor who requested we use it for house maintenance. Specifically to get our trash hauled off. The trash is the result of living below the poverty line for almost 2 years. Not being able to afford to pay for trash collection for several months.

Anyway, We plan to honor that as we try to honor ALL donations sent for a specific need.

Besides, to get this item dealt with would be a BIG burden relieved for us! It would be awesome to have my home and porch back for its intended use.

Our plan is to rent a U-Haul truck this week to haul trash away ourselves.

The reasons we haven’t done it already is because we were waiting on a debit card that we ordered from Pay Pal ( that we needed to rent the truck), my husband also worked at the flea market Friday and Saturday, as well truck rental rates are escalated on the weekend even if we could get a truck reserved . it’s cheaper during the week.

Anyway, between the truck rental, gas and dump fees, most of this donation would be depleted.


Thank you ALL so VERY VERY much.

God Bless and have a wonderful Sunday.

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