Friday Forecast ( Immediate Needs Update)


Whew! What a week! It began pretty bleak as expected. As some of you may recall, I was under the imminent threat of having our power shut off. Well, the power never did get disconnected thanks to what we were able to do on our own and two separate contributions paid directly to Duke Energy. Thank you God!

Thank you Lance Greene of Straight Ahead, Taking back your Life, Inc. for your $50.00 donation.

However, I woke Monday with no internet access or home phone. I felt lost.

Again, I thank Lance Greene for calling to check up on me, and texting throughout the day on my assurance wireless government cellphone to make sure my energy crisis was handled. 🙂

Tuesday, we had our day in court about our business eviction. The landlord won which wasn’t all that surprising being we couldn’t pay our rent. Nevertheless the judge was very fair.

NOW, we wait for the writ of possession to be served. Once that happens we have 24 hours to vacate or lose the merchandise.

While we were in town, we visited a local agency who contributed a brown paper shopping bag of groceries to us. It helps and actually fed us for three days with some tidbits left over for other meals.

We also made a trip to the library. It’s hard to get on the computers because school is out for the summer so the demand for the library computers is HIGH. Still I managed a few minutes and checked out some dvds to watch.

To deal with the loss of internet, we changed back to a more affordable service, and went strictly with internet service which is the biggest priority for us for both professional and personal reasons.

By Wednesday, we were engulfed in tropical storm conditions which I have mentioned before, VERY BAD for business so we didn’t make a dime Wedneday or Thursday. By Thursday afternoon tornado warning advisories were being broadcasted and I didn’t know anything about it until a neighbor informed me .

I thought for sure my reconnect would be cancelled.

To make matters worse, we didn’t have ALL of the $55 dollars we needed to get our internet reconnected. We were short by $15. The tech was AWESOME and actually did some bidding for us and was able to negotiate a drastically reduced price for us. Ironically, when all was said and done , we had internet service AND a 25 cent credit on our account. Imagine that?

Aside from that, there he was digging a ditch across our front yard to get us connected when most would have called it a day. it was storming out there but he was persistant.

If our present condition has taught me anything, it is to see those small gestures, and miracles as BIG things. I am so GRATEEFUL for them too where I might not have been a few years ago!

So today, we began our day with $5 and blue skies. We are also expecting $45.00 from GoFundMe but we don’t have a timeline, all we know is it is supposed to be in route.

My husband went on to work with high hopes.

Hopefully, the nice day will bring customers into the store because a minimum of $125.00 is due to the mortgage holder. An entire month’s payment ( $431.87 ) would be much better.

We would still like to raise another $300.00 so we can move and store our merchandise to await another opportunity to sell.

IF you’d like to contribute to either one of the items, please visit our donation page for convenient ways to contribute.

You can also pay the mortgage holder directly by snail mail or through their paypal account. PLEASE email me for specifics. Thanks

Please remember, EVERY little bit counts and it really does make a difference.

Thanks to all and God Bless .

Have a wonderful weekend.

~ C

Image Credit :POWER PLUG- Motivational Quotes

One response to “Friday Forecast ( Immediate Needs Update)

  1. God is good…I’m glad that your lights didn’t get shut off whew I was praying for you guys…so happy for the help that you all received, and that God sent the right people in your path at the right time…that’s how HE works…Have a Blessed day and sit tight for more miracles from God…I’m praying for you guys to get all that you need and then some 🙂

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