Be the light …


You really never know what a difference you can make for someone . In our case, we woke in a Catch 22 Snafu this morning. Had most of the money to pay for insurance but could not access it. Other pesky little issues contributed to the problem.

Such a little problem BUT huge in our circumstances.

And then there was light! Thank you God!

This problem was resolved with a little quick thinking and the help of four individuals . An anonymous donor (((((((( ANON DONOR ))))), an over the road trucking team who were between drops,
(Nate and Anna) and the insurance rep who went out of the way for our cause.

So thankfully, we now have auto insurance and our driving privileges are secure!

Another issue to wipe off our list.

And it’s not yet noon.



The All But Homeless blog is a personal fundraiser created to help us recover from financial ruin. Our story is told in the pages <<<< left<<<<.

Donations needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your kind support.

3 responses to “Be the light …

  1. I gotsa do it…..:-))! Sending Praises of Thanks to Jesus Christ and giving the much deserved Glory to His Father and our creator of everything including these good moments of assistance….Jehovah God Almighty. I give thanks to both of them for assisting Cheryl & Ron on their path to success.

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