6 days left in August, and still scrambling…


Good Afternoon ALL !

I am sorry, I didn’t post earlier as usual. Life has got me running in ten different directions and I am so behind on everything. Go figure! HA! But I wanted to thank my friend and a return donor, who sent a $75.00 via Pay Pal overnight. She intended it for those day-today incidentals like gas and so forth. I used about half on exactly that. Thank you so very much. The other half is sitting in pay pal.

SO as of today, we have raised $ 2,195.00. Yay! Another $805.00 to GO to reach our Goal!

We’ve got some pretty pressing deadlines approaching fast, one of which is our mortgage payment that absolutely, positively needs to be paid by the end of the week !

We could sorely use another $130.00 today alone!

Donations in ANY amount are still needed and greatly appreciated.

Pledges are welcome too!

Thank you ALL so very much, for your kindnesses and generosity.

You guys ( and girls) have been SO AWESOME!


I am NOT going to pretend that EVERYTHING is fixed. We still have some pretty dire needs! But I am not giving up hope!

With your support, we can see this to the end! And we really need to see this to the end. BUT We wouldn’t have gotten this far without your help!

Hugs and GOD Bless!

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